Visa Requirements for Canada Passport Holders – Benin (Republic of Benin)

A visa is required for a Canadian passport holder to gain entry to the Republic of Benin. This is applicable whatever the travel purpose is, including business, training, humanitarian, official business or as a plain tourist. There is only one kind of travel or visitor visa issued by the Embassy of Benin in Ottawa, Canada. This visa is good for a 90-day stay in Benin, and a Canadian citizen must have a passport with validity exceeding 3 months of stay in Benin. Individuals who would like to stay in Benin longer than the allowed 90 days can apply for an extension for their visas in Cotonou.

General visa application requirements

  1. Canadian passport (valid for more than 3 months approved stay in Benin, with 2 blank pages, original and 1 photocopy)
  2. Passport sized photos (2 copies, with applicant’s name and signature, and date at the back)
  3. Airline round trip tickets (photocopy)
  4. Vaccination certificate for yellow fever and cholera
  5. Fully accomplished visa application form
  6. For business travelers:
    1. Trip itinerary
    2. Proof of purpose of trip (Letter from company)
  7. For official/diplomatic travel:
    1. Trip itinerary
    2. Letter from official agency or department

Important notes

  • Visa application fees:
    • Single entry CAD$100.00 (90 day visa)
    • Multiple entry CAD$120.00 (90 day visa)
  • Visa applications can be submitted in person or sent by registered mail to:

    Embassy of Benin in Canada

    58, Rue Avenue Glebe
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    K1S 2C3
    Telephone: (613) 233-4429 / 233-4868 / 233-5273
    Fax: (613) 233-8952

  • Approved visas can usually be released on the same day for applicants who applied personally at the Embassy. For applications sent by mail, visa processing takes 72 hours.
  • The Embassy does not guarantee a visa approval even for applications with complete requirements.
  • Visas and passports can also be sent to the applicant through registered mail.
  • Travelers must make sure to get their passports stamped by Benin Immigration officials when they exit the country to prevent any issues in the future.
  • If an individual would like to stay in Benin for more than 90 days, they can get a visa extension from the Immigration Service of the Ministry of Interior, Security and Decentralization in Cotonou. They must apply for an extension before their visa expires.
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