Visa Requirements for Canada Passport Holders – Grenada

All countries have specific requirements for people or travelers who want to enter their territory. Governments have the right to ascertain if visiting individuals meet their set conditions or rules and if they are to be allowed to stay in the country. This will also include permits or visas for residency, studying or working for certain durations. Some countries do not require certain nationalities or citizens from other countries to have visas or permits to enter and stay in their territory. They may only require them to have a valid passport or any other form of identification.

For Canadian citizens who are travelling or planning on going to Grenada, a visa is not required to stay in the islands for up to three months. It is also not necessary for them to have their Canadian passport when travelling to Grenada. They must have with them any acceptable form of official identification with a photograph and any proof of their citizenship. Examples of these are a valid driver’s license and a copy of their birth certificate. Canadians must also be able to present return tickets if asked. Although a passport is not required, the Canadian government highly advises their citizens to carry their passports with them to avoid any problems. They must also have with them any proof that they have had vaccination for yellow fever especially if they came from areas which have known cases or infections.

If a Canadian passport holder wants to obtain employment in Grenada while staying there, he or she is required to get a work permit from the Grenada’s Ministry of Labour in St. George’s. The country also has very strict laws against illegal drug possession and trafficking. Visitors are also informed not to wear or bring with them any clothing or object that has an army or camouflage pattern. Only Grenada’s police force is allowed to wear clothes or use items that are made from army or camouflage materials.

When leaving Grenada, visitors are required to pay an EC$50.00 departure fee.

To check for any updates or information regarding travel requirements when travelling to Grenada, the Consulate General of Grenada in Toronto, which is open on Monday to Friday, from 9:30AM – 1:00PM and 2:00PM – 4:00PM, is located at the address below and can be contacted through their telephone and email:


439 University Ave.
Suite #930
Toronto, Ontario
M5G 1Y8
Telephone: (416) 595-1343
Fax: (416) 595-8278
Email: /

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