Visa Requirements for Canada Passport Holders – Macedonia (Republic of Macedonia)

Canadians intending to travel to Macedonia are not required to obtain a visa, for stays of up to 90 days. A current Canadian passport, valid for at least 6 months beyond the duration of stay in Macedonia must be presented upon arrival.

Canadians availing of private accommodations in Macedonia should register with the local police station nearest to their place of residence within 24 hours of arrival in the country. Canadians are also strongly advised to register with the Consulate of Canada in Skopje upon arrival (see contact details below) in Macedonia.

Travelers staying in a hotel are automatically registered and will not need to visit a local police station unless he or she moves to a private accommodation.

The information provided here are subject to change without prior notice. It is the Canadian traveler’s responsibility to check for up-to-date information by contacting:

Embassy of the Republic of Macedonia

130 Albert Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1P 5G4
Telephone: (613) 234-3882 / 565-2155 (24 Hours)
Fax: (613) 233-1852

Consular Offices


1445 Courtney Park Drive East
Mississauga, Ontario
L5T 2E3
Telephone: (416) 341-2474 ext. 224
Fax: (416) 341-9919


90 Eglington Avenue East
Toronto, Ontario
M4P 2Y3
Telephone: (416) 322-2196 / 528-2413 (24 Hours)
Fax: (416) 322-2412

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