Visa Requirements for Canada Passport Holders – Angola (Republic of Angola)

Countries have specific prerequisites for people who want to enter their territory, plan on staying for certain duration or live in their country, plan to work, study, or engage in non-tourist activities. Canadian citizens must check with the nearest embassy or consulate to determine what the requirements are for entry to the Republic of Angola. They may face stiff penalties and punishment if they attempt to enter or exit Angola without the correct requirements for entry. They can get their entry permits or Angolan visa from the Embassy of the Republic of Angola located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Required for anyone visiting Angola is proof of vaccination against yellow fever. If one has no documents proving they have had vaccinations, they may be given vaccinations when they enter Angola, and possibly be asked to pay penalties. The Canadian government has also issued security warnings and crime alerts for their citizens visiting Angola.

General Requirements:

  1. Two fully accomplished Visa Request forms, with signature.
  2. Photographs with white background (Passport size and recent)
  3. Passport with validity of at least 6 to 9 months (with 2 blank pages)
  4. Proof of visit to Angola : Invitation letters, work offers (copies must be addressed to the Embassy of Angola in Canada)
  5. Permanent Resident Card for non-Canadians living in Canada
  6. Travel itinerary and/or airline tickets
  7. CAD $125.00 Application fee, in form of certified checque or Money Order (personal checques or cash are not allowed)
  8. CAD $250.00 per day as means of subsistence in Angola (bank statement or Letter from employer)
  9. For employment or work  visa: (all must be submitted in 2 copies)
    1. Authenticated or notarized copy of contract for employment from the company or organization hiring the individual. These must be addressed to the Embassy of Angola in Canada.
    2. Two extra copies of: application forms and passport sized photographs
    3. Notarized agreement of individual to follow Angolan laws
    4. Notarized Police Clearance Certificate and other documents as proof that the individual has no criminal records
    5. International Vaccination Certificate, HIV test results (Notarized)
    6. Diploma, Resume, passport
    7. CAD $350.00 Application fee, in form of certified checque or Money Order

Important notes:

  • Applications in person for visa at the Embassy of Angola can be accomplished from Mondays to Thursdays. They accept and process visas from 9:30AM to 12:30PM, and allow claiming of visas from 1:00PM to 3:00PM. The Embassy is closed on Angolan Holidays (Jan.1st, Feb.4th, Mar.8th, Apr.4th May 1st, Sept.17th, Nov.11th and Dec.25th) and National Holidays in Canada.
  • Processing time for visas usually take less than 15 days, and often take 45 days for Work visas
  • Applications can also be submitted through self-stamped or prepaid Federal Express, UPS or DHL envelope to:

    The Embassy of the Republic of Angola
    Consular Section
    189 Laurier Av. East
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K1N 6P1

  • An additional day may be added for the processing of applications sent by mail. The Embassy of Angola will not be responsible for charges to couriers when they send back copies of documents submitted for the application.
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