Visa Requirements for Canada Passport Holders – Armenia (Republic of Armenia)

Canadians wishing to visit Armenia are required to obtain an entry visa. Separate visas are needed for those planning to travel to other CIS countries either before or after entering into Armenia and must be acquired from their appropriate embassies.

To acquire a visa, submit the following paperwork to the Consular Division:

  1. Accomplished visa application form which can be obtained or copied from the Embassy, one per applicant is needed.
  2. One colored or black-and-white professional passport-size photo attached to the application form.
  3. If travelling with a minor (included in the applicant’s passport) – attach a photo of the minor traveling next to the applicant’s photo.
  4. The original passport.
  5. Money order/certified check with exact amount of consular fee.  If by registered mail, enclose a pre-paid return envelope.

Specify your Purpose of your visit to Armenia, and duration of your stay.

Transit Visa – Apply for a Transit Visa if your stay in Armenia would not exceed 3 days and if only passing through Armenia to and from another destination, although travelers must have a valid entry document to the country of your main destination.

Visitor Visa –For visit not exceeding 120 days, application for a single or multiple entry Visitor Visa without an invitation letter is available.

Temporary Residence Card – For visit exceeding 120 days, kindly submit an application for Temporary Residence Card to the Passport and Visa Department at the Police Service of Armenia (Address – 13 A Mashtots Street, Yerevan, Armenia; Tel. (3741) 53-43-91 or (3741) 52-14-16).


Always certify that your inviting party has their invitation for official travelers verified at the Consular Department of the Armenian Foreign Ministry; and at the Passport and Visa Department of the Police Service in Yerevan for private travelers acquiring a Visitors Visa. Authentications for official travelers are acknowledged at the Embassy or Consulate General via Internet. Private travelers must tender the original invitation form.

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