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Visa Requirements for Canada Passport Holders – Azerbaijan (Republic of Azerbaijan)

Canadian citizens are required to have a valid passport and visa when traveling to the Republic of Azerbaijan. The validity should be at least six months from the time of arrival. Azerbaijan visas can be secured either through mail or in person. Make sure that you have your visa prior to your departure. An invitation letter from your sponsor or contact in Azerbaijan, person, organization, teacher or hotel confirmation, is also required. All letters must be sent to the Consular Department Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) with office address at 4 Shikhali Gurbanov St., Baku. Contact Number is + 99450 7600663.

The Azerbaijan authorities allow foreign nationals to stay up to thirty days. If there’s an intention to stay longer than thirty days, you must register at a local police station upon arrival.

Types of Visas and Fee

  • Transit, single entry (valid up to 5 days): USD 20 (a copy of round trip ticket should be submitted)
  • Transit, double entry (valid up to 10 days): USD 40 (a copy of round trip ticket should be submitted)
  • Single entry (valid up to 90 days): USD 63
  • Double entry (valid up to 90 days): USD 80
  • Multiple entry (valid up to 1 year): USD 250

*Payments can be made either through money order or company checks. Checks should be paid to Embassy of Azerbaijan.

*Allow 3 to 10 working days for visa processing.

*For applicants through mail, applicant is required to enclose a self-addressed return envelope.

Visa application requirements

  1. Visa application form (can be downloaded at
  2. Two colored photos (3×4 centimeters on white background)
  3. Valid passport and other relevant document
  4. Letter of invitation from the receiving party (person, company, organization, school)
  5. Receipt of visa payment

*All applications must be forwarded to the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan at 275 Slater Street, Suite 904, Ottawa, Ontario, K1P, 5H9, Canada. Contact Number: (613) 288 0497.

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