Visa Requirements for Canada Passport Holders – Bhutan (Kingdom of Bhutan)

Canadians must possess a visa from the Bhutan government prior to travel to this country.  This visa may be arranged by a travel agent, and be cleared prior to departure.  Any trip to Bhutan must be through a local tourist operator, and they are responsible for submitting your application.  Your visa should be cleared in Thimphu, and this process takes about 10 days to complete.  Once you are cleared in Thimphu that is the only time that you will be able to purchase your tickets for Bhutan.  You will be asked for a fee of USD 20 for the visa, and this will cover your 15-day stay in the country. This visa fee will be paid upon entry.  Two passport photos are also required.  Should you wish to extend your visit, a fee will apply as well.

Druk Air is the only airline that services Bhutan.  It flies in the Paro International Airport and the only flights it services are from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Thailand.  Tariffs have been set by the government for tours with 3 or more people, and this is non-negotiable.  These fees have to be settled prior to your trip to Bhutan.

For more information regarding what to do and how to arrange a trip with a local tourist operator, you may access the Tourism Council of Bhutan’s website at:

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