Visa Requirements for Canada Passport Holders – Jamaica

Canadian citizens are allowed to visit Jamaica as tourists without a visa, on their Canadian passport provided that it is current and valid. Additionally, upon entry, Canadian travelers will be required to show proof of sufficient funds for their stay in Jamaica as well as a return ticket to Canada or onward ticket. A Jamaican Immigration entry card is usually issued to visitors upon check-in at the airport or during the flight and this also must be surrendered upon departure from Jamaica. A departure tax of J$1,000 is charged and is usually included in the airline ticket price, except in the case of charter flights.

Aside from those mentioned above, Canadian permanent residents are also required to show their original Canadian Permanent Resident Card.

Those who intend to stay in Jamaica for an extended period of time, to work or study are strongly advised to apply for the appropriate visa for their purposes before traveling to Jamaica.

General Requirements – Educational Visa:

  1. Original letter of acceptance from the educational institution confirming duration of studies to be conducted in Jamaica. In addition, clearance or permission from the Ministry of National Security and Justice for applicant to pursue studies in Jamaica should be secured by a representative of the educational institution on behalf of the prospective student. This clearance must first be obtained prior to submitting the visa application.
  2. Medical certificate confirming that the applicant is free of all communicable diseases.
  3. Affidavit of financial support to show how applicant intends to support himself or herself for the duration of studies in Jamaica.
  4. 1 recent, non digitized passport photo showing frontal view, without eyeglasses or head gear.
  5. Round-trip airline ticket valid for at least 1 year.
  6. $11.00 Registered mail or applicant’s personal FedEx account number (if desired).

General Requirements – Employment Visa:

A work permit should be secured from the Ministry of Labour/Ministry of National Security and Justice certifying that a work permit has been approved.

The requirements provided are subject to change without prior notice. For up-to-date information on visa requirements to Jamaica, please contact:

Jamaican High Commission

151 Slater Street, Suite 1000
Ottawa, Ontario
K1P 5H3
Telephone: (613) 233-9311 / 9314
Fax: (613) 233-0611
Email: /

Consular Offices

12526 126 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
T5L 0X3
Telephone: (780) 475-3399
Fax: (780) 476-3311


425 Saint Sulpice Street
Montreal, Quebec
H2Y 2V7
Telephone: (514) 282-1516
Fax: (450) 458-7741


303 Eglinton East
Toronto, Ontario
M4P 1L3
Telephone: (416) 598-3008
Fax: (416) 598-4928


17476 – 103B Avenue
Surrey, British Columbia
V4N 5R4
Telephone: (604) 584-7620
Fax: (604) 584-7620


4430 Chatterton Way
Victoria, British Columbia
V8X 5J2
Telephone: (250) 479-9800
Fax: (250) 479-1642


127 Eastcote Drive
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2N 2Y4
Telephone: (204) 256-9137
Fax: (204) 257-6318

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