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Visa Requirements for PH Passport Holders – Cyprus (Republic of Cyprus)

A visa is required for Filipinos to enter Cyprus. In order for this to be possible, you would need to apply for a visa and submit the documents to the Consular Office of the embassy in Manila, at least three weeks prior to the date of travel.

A current, valid passport is needed, and validity should be six months after entry to Cyprus. You must also complete a visa application form, and sign them accordingly. In case you will be traveling with minors, both parent’s signatures should be notarized. Your 2×2 photographs should also be notarized by a Notary Public.

You must also present a letter, stating the reason for your visit to Cyprus.

You must also present your round trip ticket with fixed dates. Should you be staying in a hotel, you would need hotel reservation confirmation. If you are staying with a friend, a letter of invitation from your friend would also be necessary. Along with the letter must be attached are: his or her Assumption of Responsibility form, a photocopy of your sponsor’s passport, Cyprus ID card, and proof of financial capability for the past three months prior to your arrival. If you are going to Cyprus on business, an official letter of invitation must be presented.  Your company must submit a certification letter to the Cyprus Consulate with proof of wages.

Your bank statements from the past three months are also required. You must also be ready to submit proof of medical insurance. Your insurance policy must cover medical emergencies abroad.

There is a corresponding fee for the visa which may be paid during application.  Should you deliver your documents via mail, you should include a self-addressed certified pre-paid envelope with the appropriate postage or label. The Consulate will not be liable for any lost documents while in transit.

These requirements are subject to change, and it will be best if you contacted the consulate in Manila for any queries:

Cypriot Consulate General in Manila, Philippines

El Greco Building
70 Sgt. E.A. Esguerra Avenue
Quezon City
1103 Metro Manila
Telephone: (632) 929-7051

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Visa Requirements for PH Passport Holders - Cyprus (Republic of Cyprus), 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

  • annaliza b.richard

    hi there i got married in cyprus but i am a Filipino citizen and my husband is a British Citizen i need visa if i want to go back to cyprus????thanks very much

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  • mdc

    Hello there, i have a visa issued in the other country but i am here in the Philippines, do i need it to bring personally in the embassy or it is readyto use for travel? thanks i need your response urgent..Thanks!

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