Visa Requirements for Philippine Passport Holders – Angola (Republic of Angola)

The Republic of Angola has generally opened its doors to people from countries around the world. They invite people to visit their country and experience their culture and check out the vast potential for investment opportunities.

For people to enter the Republic of Angola, they must have a visa, and this is applicable to all nationalities, excluding citizens of Namibia. Angolan visas can be obtained from any Embassy or consulate of Angola around the world. Philippine citizens and passport owners who plan on travelling to Angola can get a visa from the Embassy of the Republic of Angola in Singapore. The Angolan Embassy handles Consulate services not only for Singapore, but also the Philippines, Indonesia and Australia.

General Requirements:

  1. Fully completed (in block letters) Angolan visa application form (with original signature of applicant)
  2. Passport with validity of at least 8 months (at least 2 blank pages, 1 original & 1 copy)
  3. Invitation letters from Angola (in Portuguese, Notarized in Angola, 1 original & 1 copy)
  4. Travel itinerary and other supporting documents for proof of visit
  5. One recent passport sized colored photo
  6. Vaccination Certificate for Yellow Fever (valid for duration of stay in Angola)
  7. For business visa:
    1. letter from employer in Angola (in Portuguese, Notarized in Angola, 1 original & 1 copy)
    2. work permit
  8. For tourist/transit visa:
    1. Photocopy of airline tickets
    2. Proof of means of subsistence (US$200.00 daily minimum)
      1. must possess at least US$2,000.00, or receipt for purchase of US$2,000.00
      2. or must have any of the following credit cards AMERICAN EXPRESS,GOLD, BUSINESS, PLATINIUM, PREMIUM (valid for at least 6 months)
    3. Parent’s Authorization (for underage individuals)
  9. For work/residence visa:
    1. Photocopy of passport (18 months validity, 2 copies)
    2. Passport sized colored photo(recent, 3 copies)
    3. Letter of request from employer (addressed to Consulate General)
    4. Fully completed (in block letters) Angolan visa application form (2 copies)
    5. Applicant’s signed agreement to Angola’s laws
    6. Employment contract from Angolan company (1 original & 1 copy)
    7. Notarized copy of Diploma or degree certificate (translated to Portuguese, 2 original copies)
    8. Curriculum vitae (Notarized, 2 original copies)
    9. Police/Criminal records (authenticated by Consulate, 1 original & 1 copy)
    10. Medical certificate
    11. Opinion of the Ministry of Public Administration, Employment and Social Security for cases of public Institutions or companies or the body of guardianship of activity for cases of Institutions and private companies (2 copies)
    12. Recent copy of income tax returns
    13. Authorized Photocopy of economic Activity (Alvara)
  10. For diplomatic visa:
    1. Fully completed (in block letters) Angolan visa application form (2 copies)
    2. Passport sized colored photo(recent, 2 copies)
    3. Photocopy of passport
    4. Official letter from Embassy of official agency/organization

Important reminders:

  • Applications must be done personally at the Consular services section of the Embassy of The Republic of Angola in Singapore.

Embassy of The Republic of Angola in Singapore

Temasek Boulevard
#44-03 Suntec Tower Two
Singapore 038989
Telephone:(65) 6341-9360
Fax:(65) 6835-7964

  • Consulate office hours:
    • Visa application: 9:30AM to 12:00PM, Monday & Tuesday
    • Document legalization: 9:30AM to 12:00PM, Friday
    • Passport and Visa release: 3:30PM to 4:30PM, Wednesday & Thursday
  • Visa Application fees: (must be paid in 5 working days)
    • Ordinary visa: US$210.00 (30 days)
    • Brief Duration visa: US$310.00
    • Diplomatic visa: gratis
    • Singaporeans: gratis
  • Visa application fees can be paid in cash, or can be deposited to their account: 116-900-226-1 (UOB) United Overseas Bank Groups Limited
  • Visa application must be submitted to the Embassy more than a week before planned date of travel to Angola
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