Visa Requirements for Philippine Passport Holders – Ecuador (Republic of Ecuador)

It is the prerogative of any country to establish conditions or requirements for individuals from foreign countries to follow or comply in order for them to be allowed to enter their territory or area. Majority of countries typically require tourists or travelers to have a visa to be allowed entry into the country. Some do not require foreigners to have visas to be allowed to enter and stay in their territory. This may be due to bilateral or mutual agreements regarding travel to their respective territories.

Philippine passport holders can travel to Ecuador and stay there for no more than 90 days without the need for entry visas. Their passports must be valid for at least six months during the duration of their travel and stay in Ecuador. They will also need to have return tickets to the Philippines or the country of their origin. If they would like to stay in Ecuador for more than 90 days they must apply for an extension at the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Ecuador.

While in Ecuador, Philippine passport holders must remember to apply for an extension before their 90 days are over. If they fail to get an extension, they will be considered as overstaying and will be deported or asked to leave the country. They cannot go back or travel to Ecuador in the following nine months and will be blacklisted in Ecuador’s Immigration records.

To check for additional information regarding tourism and travel to Ecuador, Philippine citizens may contact the Consulate of Ecuador in Manila.

Ecuadorian Consulate in Manila, Philippines

Penthouse, PHINMA Plaza
39 Plaza Drive, Rockwell Center
Makati City, Manila
Telephone: (+63) 2-870-0100
Fax: (+63) 2-870-0510

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