Visa Requirements for Philippine Passport Holders – Gambia (Republic of The Gambia)

The Republic of the Gambia, or more popularly known as The Gambia, can be found in West Africa. It is one of the smallest countries in Africa and is fondly called as the “smiling coast of Africa” because of its shape. It is surrounded by Senegal on the north, south and eastern sides and on its west is the Atlantic Ocean. The country is named after the Gambian river, which runs between Senegal and The Gambia and also serves as the border of the two territories. The Gambia is a part of the Economic Community of West African States or ECOWAS.

The Gambia is frequented by many tourists, many of them from European countries since it is considerably near major European cities. The Gambia is a tropical country and has many beautiful beaches, which is one reason why many tourists go there. The country also has a colorful heritage and rich culture. Visitors are also sure to enjoy very flavorful Gambian cuisine.

The Gambian river also offers a lot of activities that tourists can enjoy. They can participate in mangrove exploration tours or bird watching activities. There are river cruises which allow visitors to see and visit the many different villages found along the river. Tourists can also choose to go on dolphin watching cruises or enjoy sport fishing along Gambia’s coastline. Gambian culture is very diverse and has a rich heritage owing to its numerous ethnic influences. The Gambians also have exceptional music and dances. Travelers to the Gambia can also visit many historical buildings and monuments, and archaeological sites which are part of the UNSECO world heritage list.

Philippine passport holders who wish to travel to The Gambia are required to have a visa in order to be allowed to enter and stay in the country. They must have a valid Philippine passport in order to be allowed to apply for a visa to Gambia. There is no Gambian Embassy or Consulate in the Philippines, and the nearest country with an Embassy which can accommodate visa applications from Philippine passport holders is the Gambian Embassy in Taipei, Taiwan. There may be other documents or requirements needed when applying for a Gambian visa. To further learn of these requirements and other necessary information about travelling to The Gambia, interested parties may get in touch with the Embassy of The Republic of The Gambia in Taiwan.

Embassy of the Republic of The Gambia

9th Floor, 9-1 Lane 62
Tien Mou West Road
Taipei, Taiwan 111
Telephone: (886) 22-875-3911 or 22-875-3672
Fax: (886) 22-875-2775

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