Visa Requirements for Philippine Passport Holders – Liberia (Republic of Liberia)

All countries have requirements or conditions that travelers must follow or comply with in order for them to be allowed to enter the country. These may be in the form of visas, entry permits or residence permits. This will also determine how long they will be allowed to stay in the country they are visiting. Usually it is mandatory to have a passport from the country of their citizenship. There are instances when countries allow people from other countries to enter and stay without the need for a visa or permit. What they ask for is for the traveler to have a valid passport from the country of origin.

There is no embassy or consulate representing Liberia in the Philippines. If a Philippine passport holder would like to travel to Liberia, they will have to get a pre-arranged visa on arrival at Liberia. This is only possible for Philippine passport holders if they have a host or sponsor in Liberia who will make the request for a visa with Liberian authorities in Monrovia, Liberia’s capital. Another option is for a Philippine passport holder to coordinate with their airline provider. The airline provider will communicate with its manager or representative in Monrovia to make arrangements for the Philippine passport holder to get a visa on arrival when they get to Liberia. The Philippine passport holder will not be allowed to get on his or her flight if there is no confirmation from the Liberian representative that they will be given a visa on arrival.

It is highly recommended that Philippine passport holders get in touch with the nearest Liberian Embassy or Consulate to get updates and additional information about travelling to Liberia. The nearest Embassy of Liberia is in Taipei, Taiwan.

Embassy of the Republic of Liberia in Taipei

11F, 9-1, Lane 62
Tienmu W. Rd.
Taipei, Taiwan 111
Telephone: (+886-2) 28751212
Fax: (+886-2) 28751313

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