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Visa Requirements for Philippine Passport Holders – Bolivia (Plurinational State of Bolivia)

There are very few countries that allow Philippine passport holders to enter into their territories as tourists with the need for a visa. Bolivia is one of them. Travelers from the Philippine Islands with passports that are valid for 6 months are permitted to visit and stay in Bolivia without a tourist visa for a period of 59 days.

Those who wish to enter Bolivia for business or education purposes are required to obtain the appropriate visas.
For more information on Bolivian visa requirements for Philippine passport holders, you may contact:

The Bolivian Consular Office at:

47 Juan Luna Street
San Lorenzo Village
Makati City
Telephone: (632) 817-1128
Fax: (632) 817-5285

Or The Embassy of Plurinational State of Bolivia in Japan

No. 38, Kowa Bldg.
8/F Room 804
4-12-24, Nishi-Azabu
Tokyo, Japan
Telephone: (813) 34995441
Fax: (813) 34995443

Important Notice: The Bolivian government charges an exit tax for those departing the country by air. Bolivian citizens and residents are charged an additional fee upon departure. The Bolivian government has also announced that visitors entering areas that have been determined as high risk for yellow fever (such as Santa Cruz, Pando and Beni, and much of Cochabamba, Tarija and northern La Paz departments) would need to present a valid certificate of yellow fever vaccine.

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  • Chari

    hi! Please someone could please help me or give me an advise. I am a filipino citizen and been separated for 5 years. I am now with a German Boyfriend and we have a child in his name. He worked in Bolivia. Now he wanted me and my child to go there, how could I possibly do that, that my status is still married because I am not annulled to my ex husband. Can I still go there?

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    • Flores silo

      yes,Filipinos can go bolivia as tourist just tell your boyfriend to send you and your child a roundtrip ticket and go with your child for a holiday with him for 30 can just extent for another 180 days when you are there ,he must agree to finance all your expenses .good luck for you and your child..just get your passport and your child then ask him to buy you a roundtrip air tickket and you can fly with your child to bolivia..

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