Visa Requirements for Philippine Passport Holders – Burkina Faso (Burkina Faso)

All Filipinos or Philippine passport holders must obtain a visa prior to traveling to Burkina Faso.

General Requirements:

  1. Valid passport
  2. Two fully accomplished, duly signed application forms
  3. Two passport-sized photos
  4. Certificate of yellow fever vaccination
  5. Self-addressed, prepaid return envelope with tracing number

Please note:

  • Applications take 72 working hours to process
  • Incomplete application forms, or documents may cause a delay in processing
  • Immunizations for Cholera is advised, but may be required in the event of a Cholera outbreak

Visa Processing Fee:

Only money order or company checks are accepted as payment for processing fees.

  • Single entry, 3 months: US$105
  • Multiple entry, 3 months: US$135
  • Single entry, 6 months: US$145
  • Multiple entry, 6 months: US$175
  • Single entry, 1 year: US$190
  • Multiple entry, 1 year: US$220

Important Notice: Be advised that taking photos of airports, military barracks, and vicinity of government offices are strictly prohibited by law.

Since Burkina Faso has no Embassy or Consulate Office, this information is subject to change. You may contact the Embassy of Burkina Faso in Japan or the Embassy of Burkina Faso in China for confirmation of requirements for visa.

Embassy of Burkina Faso, Japan

Hiroo Glisten Hills 301
3-1-17 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo, Japan
Telephone: (03) 3400-7919
Fax: (03) 3400-6945

Embassy of Burkina Faso, China

9 Sanlitun Liu Je
Beijing, China
Telephone: (8610) 6532-2550 / 6532-2798 / 6532-2492

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