Visa Requirements for UK Passport Holders – Cuba

All UK Passport holders require a tourist card to enter Cuba. British nationals need a tourist card before travelling and should contact the Cuban Embassy in London for further information on entry requirements. Travellers must ensure that they have the correct visa for the purpose of their visit. There are different types of visa categories for different types of visitors.

Note: Dual nationals should contact the Cuban Embassy in London for advice on entry requirements before travelling.

General Requirements for visa:

  • A fully completed visa application form
  • Two (2) identical passport photographs
  • A valid national passport and one copy (Passport must have a remaining validity for two months after departure from Cuba)
  • An original valid resident visa
  • A confirmation letter from your health insurance stating coverage and one copy
  • A proof of group travel/ hotel booking in Cuba/airline reservation for Cuba and one copy
  • A current bank statement or proof of sufficient funds for the trip and one copy
  • A reference letter from your employer/educational institution
  • Fees for Cuban Visa

Note: A Tourist Visa Card may be issued by travel agents, tour operators, or airlines for a single entry holiday trip of up to 30 days. A return ticket or proof of onward travel is required, as well as sufficient funds to cover intended period of stay. Passports of nationals with diplomatic representations in Cuba need to be valid only at the moment of entry, but passports of nationals without diplomatic representations in Cuba must be valid for two months beyond date of entry.


Diphtheria Sometimes
Hepatitis A Yes
Malaria No
Rabies Sometimes
Tetanus Yes
Typhoid Sometimes
Yellow Fever No

Health Care
Travelers must obtain adequate health insurance before traveling. Prior to treatment, travelers may need to show proof of ability to pay, however some emergency services are provided free of charge. Cuba has excellent standards of care and training, although equipment and drugs are often in short supply.

Customs Regulations

All electrical heavy power consuming items such as travel irons and kettles may be confiscated upon entry to Cuba.  Global Positioning Systems (GPS) are also subject to import requirements and may be confiscated.  These confiscated items are normally returned upon departure.  Visit the Cuban Customs Administration website( for more information on Cuban Customs regulations currently in force.

Information gathered here are subject to change without prior notice. All British travellers to visiting Cuba are encouraged to contact the nearest Cuban Embassy for consular consultations and confirmation.

Embassy of the Republic of Cuba

167 High Holborn

Consular Section

Embassy of the Republic of Cuba

15 Grape Street
Telephone: (020) 7240-2488 / 7379-9582
Fax: (020) 7836-2605 / 7240-2488 (Consular)

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