Visa Requirements for UK Passport Holders – Dominican Republic (Dominican Republic)

UK passport holders do not need to obtain a visa to enter the Dominican Republic. All British citizens who wish to visit the Dominican Republic should obtain a tourist card from the Embassy of the Dominican Republic, or upon arrival at the airport. This has a charge of USD 10. This tourist card is valid for a 30-day stay in the country. Should you wish to extend your stay, you must pay a certain fee prior to exiting the country.

There are three ways by which you can purchase your tourist card.

The website of the Embassy now enables citizens to pay for their tourist cards online: There is a shipping amount that is added to the fee of the tourist card you will be purchasing. Take careful note of the confirmation number in the event that you have questions regarding the cards you have purchased online.

You may also purchase a tourist card through the Embassy of the Dominican Republic.

Should you wish to send your tourist card by post, it can also be done. You should send the photocopy of your passport (pages containing personal details with photo), a postal order or a bank draft payable to the Embassy of the Dominican Republic, and an A5 sized pre-paid envelope. The embassy will not be held liable for loss of documents when in transit.

If visiting the country to attend meetings, site visits, conferences, or short training programs, your tourist card is still valid. If long-term business or monetary transactions will be done, you will have to apply for a business visa. If traveling with a minor, there may be special requirements such as a letter of authorization duly legalized by the Foreign and Commonwealth office. This is applicable if you will not be entering or leaving the Dominican Republic with the same set of people you entered the country with.

There is a departure tax of USD 20. Sometimes, your ticket is inclusive of this departure tax. Check with your airline to make sure. Please note that these tourist cards are non-transferable and non-refundable. You must also have a passport valid for twice the duration of your stay.

Should you have further questions, you may contact:

Embassy of the Dominican Republic

139, Inverness Terrace
W2 6JF
Telephone: (0905) 677 0054

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