Visa Requirements for UK Passport Holders – Grenada

Grenada is known as the Island of Spice, since it is one of the world’s largest producers and exporter of nutmeg and mace. It is a small tropical island located in the Southeastern part of the Caribbean Sea. Its neighbors are Trinidad and Tobago, and it is also near Venezuela.

Grenada is not only an island, but is part of a Commonwealth territory. The other smaller islands that are part of the area are Caille Island, Carriacou, Diamond Island, Frigate Island, Large Island, Petit Martinique, Ronde Island, and Saline Island. Majority of the people of the territory inhabit the main island of Grenada. The island with the most people living in it after the main island is in Hillsborough, which is located in Carriacou.

The islands have very healthy soil due to its volcanic origins. This makes the country rich in exotic plants and fruits, and offers tourists the chance to see many beautiful landscapes. The very nutritious soil also gives the islands the ability to produce vast crops not only nutmeg and mace, but also of other spices such as cinnamon and clove. Visitors of the islands can also get the chance to tour rainforests, clean rivers and magnificent waterfalls.

Other main attractions to Grenada are the beaches and many water activities that tourists can do while in the country. Visitors can enjoy marine and river tours, snorkeling or diving to explore the beautiful coral reefs, and many other water-sports activities.

There are approximately 25,000 British citizens who go to Grenada yearly, most of them visiting the islands during the months when there are no hurricanes expected to hit the territory. The islands are near the hurricane belt but it has only been hit by three major hurricanes in the past 50 years.

UK passport holders do not need a visa when going to Grenada, as long as their passports are still valid. This is also applicable to other countries and territories that are part of the Commonwealth. UK citizens must also be able to present return tickets to their country of origin when needed. They will be allowed to stay in the islands for no more than 3 months. While in Grenada they are not allowed to become employed without the necessary permits. They should also not stay in the islands for more than 3 months, or they may face serious penalties.

Visitors are expected to abide by local laws and customs. Clothes with camouflage patterns are not allowed to be worn by anyone, which also includes children. There are also very strict and heavy punishments for any drug-related offense. Travelers from the United Kingdom are also highly prohibited from bringing in any kind of meat product into Grenada.

When leaving from Grenada, there is an airport departure tax that each individual is required to pay which costs 50 East Caribbean Dollars. This can also be paid in US dollars, which is equivalent to US$20.00.

For any updates on travel requirements to Grenada, anyone may visit or call the Grenada High Commission in London. Their offices are open on Monday to Friday, from 9:00AM to 5:00PM.

Grenada High Commission in London

The Chapel
Archel Road
West Kensington
W14 9QH
United Kingdom
Telephone: (020) 7385 4415
Fax: (020) 7344 3250

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