Visa Requirements for UK Passport Holders – Algeria (People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria)

Visitors to Algeria will require an Algerian visa; although nationals from some countries can enter the country without the need for a visa application. These countries are:

  • Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
  • Malaysia
  • Maldives
  • Mali
  • Mauritania
  • Morocco
  • Democratic Republic Sahraoui
  • Seychelles
  • Syrian Arab Republic
  • Tunisia
  • Yemen

Holders of UK passports are entitled to purchase a visa on arrival, but in order to avoid complications it is usually recommended that travelers going to Algeria obtain their visa in advance.

The processing time for an Algerian visa depends on many factors including:

  • The type of visa applied for
  • Nationality of the person applying
  • Time of year, etc.

Note: Although the processing time for an Algerian visa often takes under a week, it is not a rule that is carved in stone. Travelers are advised to begin the application process way ahead of their scheduled trip.

For Temporary Algerian Visas

Algerian Tourist Visa

Algeria Tourist Visas are only issued to applicants entering the country for tourism purposes.  In order for them to be permitted, Algerian tourist visa applications require several documentations:

  1. A certificat d’hebergement legalisée or Certificate of accommodation from the Algerian authorities.
  2. Evidence of your hotel / accommodation booking confirmation
  3. Registered travel agency in Algeria invitation, and
  4. Travel itinerary

Algerian Transit Visa

Transit visas are also offered by Algeria, but are strictly for the purpose of travel only, which does NOT allow applicants to partake on any work nor to lengthen their stay. This only allows transfer through Algeria for while they are en route to another destination.

Algerian Business Visa

Algerian business visa application is very similar in its process to the Algerian tourist visa.  On the other hand, a sponsorship letter from a recognized or accepted business is required as proof of the applicant’s need to visit Algeria for the purposes of business.

The Algerian business visa allows the applicant the right to attend conferences, meetings, and other activities that are business-related.  Nevertheless, this does NOT allow the holder, during their time in Algeria, to be employed in any way.

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