Visa Requirements for UK Passport Holders – Austria (Republic of Austria)

An average of almost 802,000 visitors from Britain goes to Austria and most of them enjoy hassle-free travel. Although, there may be instances wherein inconvenience brought about by very bad weather may delay flights and close down some airports. But generally, people do not encounter problems when visiting Austria.

British passport owners do not need a visa when going into Austria, as long as their passports are still valid. The same is true for citizens of other EU countries. For other countries in the world, a passport with at least three months validity is generally required when visiting Austria.

For single adults or parents that are travelling by themselves and have children with them, they must carry with them a consent letter or documentary evidence of parental responsibility as necessitated by Austrian law. These consent letters are checked by Austrian authorities before allowing solo parents from entering the country and in certain instances before letting children leave Austria. The consent letter form may be downloaded from the website of the British Embassy in Austria.

It is also advised that individuals should get a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This will give a traveler the benefits of emergency medical treatment in the event that it is needed. For those who are visiting Austria in spring or autumn season and plan on going to forested places, they should get vaccinations against tick borne encephalitis. There are also some documented cases of HIV/AIDS in Austria, so travelers should practice usual safety measures to prevent infection.

The British government has also issued warnings and tips for safe travel in Austria. Even though the country is generally safe for foreigners, there may be rare instances of terrorist attacks in places with lots of foreign nationals. Travelers are also advised to be careful of petty crimes, such as pickpockets and muggers, in Vienna, most specially in cafes, hotel lobbies, restaurants, when riding in public transport, and to be extra careful at night when around the areas of railway stations and city parks.

Those driving through the Autobahn should be very observant and careful of fake police. These are people who go around in unmarked cars, wearing baseball hats with “Polizei” on them.  Official police vehicles have “Folgen”, “Polizei” and “Stopp” electronic signs on their rear window and police officers are in uniform.

Embassy of Austria
18 Belgrave Mews West
London SW1X 8HU
Telephone: (020) 7344 3250
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