Visa Requirements for UK Passport Holders – Belgium (Kingdom of Belgium)

Belgium is a member of the Schengen agreement, and individuals from the United Kingdom can gain entry to Belgium without the need for a visa as long as they would only stay for less than 90 days. They should have a passport and valid longer than the duration of their stay in Belgium. They should also be able to show documents, if needed, to prove they have accommodations in Belgium, return tickets to the UK and enough financial means for their stay. British citizens who intend on staying in Belgium for more than 90 days are required to get a visa.

For Belgian and Schengen visa, UK residents may now apply at the Visa Application Center of the Embassy of Belgium in London. The Belgian Embassy created the Visa Application Center to provide faster service for visa applications. This new system eliminates long lines, waiting times for visa processing and allows applicants to check the status of their application through a tracking system in the Visa Application Center’s website. First time applicants should apply by appointment personally, or if they cannot appear in person ask an immediate relative to apply on their behalf. Individuals who have been issued Belgian and Schengen visas before can send their applications by registered mail.

General visa application requirements:

  1. Passport not older than 10 years (with at least 12 months validity and at least 2 blank pages)
  2. Fully accomplished visa application forms (2 copies, with original signature of applicant)
  3. Recent colored passport size photos (2 copies, plain light-colored background)
  4. Medical certificate issued not older than six months  by a doctor authorized by the Belgian Embassy
  5. Travel insurance
  6. For visitor visa/Family reunification: Official copy of applicant’s birth certificate, Official copy of marriage certificate (for married partners), any Official proof of relationship of relative in Belgium, Belgian identity card or residence permit of partner or relative in Belgium, proof of financial subsistence of partner or relative in Belgium
  7. For working visa: Valid and original Type B work permit and employer permit obtained by employer in Belgium (for employees, Au Pair, and long internship). Recent Judicial records covering the previous year, Professional card obtained from Belgian Embassy (for professionals/self-employed), letter of invitation from host or employer
  8. For student visa: Proof of application, or admittance and/or registration in educational institution in Belgium, proof of financial support and means for student, certificate of good conduct (for individuals over 18, certificate must be recent and cover the past 5 years), proof of accommodations in Belgium, travel tickets

Important notes:

  • First time visa applicants should apply personally by appointment at the Visa Applications Center (address below). If they cannot apply in person, an immediate relative may submit their application for them. The representative must have an authorization letter and a proof of relationship to the applicant.
  • Individuals who have been given Schengen visas before can send their application by registered mail to:

    Belgium Visa Application Centre
    1-8 Bateman’s Building
    South Soho Square
    London W1D 3EN
    Telephone: 0871-376-0023

  • Documents submitted must be original and authenticated as indicated, but photocopies can be submitted if originals are not required. Documents will not be returned to applicant.
  • Visa processing time can take anywhere from 2 to 15 days for those with complete documents.
  • Status of applications can be checked after 2 working days (after 11:30AM) through the tracking system in the Visa Application Center’s website.
  • Approved visas can be claimed at the Visa Application Center. If a relative will claim the visa for the applicant, they must bring the official receipt, a valid ID and authorization letter from applicant.
  • Approved visas can also be sent to the applicant through Special Delivery for an additional £7.40. Or they can include a prepaid Special Delivery envelope with their application.
  • Visa application fee is for £144.00, with an additional £24.00 service fee. All fees cannot be refunded
  • Visa application fees can be paid by cash, credit or debit card and Postal Orders addressed to the Belgium Visa Application Centre. Cheques and Direct bank transfers are not accepted.
  • Medical Certificates can be obtained from the following medical practitioners approved by the Embassy of Belgium in London


    Dr. Christopher Leigh & Partners
    11 Wychall Lane, Kings Norton
    Birmingham B38 8TE
    Telephone: (0121) 628-2345


    Dr. R. JONES, Dr. D. A. RICHARDS
    Thornhill, Excaliber Drive,
    Cardiff CF4 9BB
    Telephone:  (02920) 750-322


    The Chaucer Hospital
    Health Screening/Occupational Health department
    Nackington Road
    Kent CT4 7AR
    Telephone:  (01227) 825-137


    The White Cliffs MC
    143 Folkestone Road
    Dover CT17 9SG
    Telephone:  (01304) 206-251


    Dr. J. SHELLEY
    College Clinic, PO Box 517
    Regal House, Queensway
    Telephone:  350-72791


    Dr. L. BARE
    The Health Centre
    11 Hull Road,
    Hessle, North Humberside
    Telephone:  (01482) 645-295


    Island Medical Centre
    14 Gloucester Street
    St. Helier, Jersey
    JE2 4TD
    Telephone:  (01534) 516-151


    Woodgrange Medical Practice
    40 Woodgrange Road
    Forrest Gate
    London E7 OQH
    Telephone:  (0776) 394-2297

    Dr. Steven SPERBER
    Nexus Healthcare
    Churchill House,
    137 Brent Street,
    London NW4 4DJ
    Telephone:  (020) 8202-3101

    Dr Georges SIMMONS
    14-18 Newton Road,
    London W2 5LT
    Telephone:  (020) 7229-4578 / 72215151

    Dr. Etienne CALLEBOUT
    Pinero House
    115a Harley Street
    London W1G 7HG
    Telephone:  (020) 3230-2040


    Dr. Hamish A. H. Reid and Dr. A. Drummond Begg
    Penicuik Medical Practice
    37 Imrie Place
    Penicuik EH26 8LF
    Telephone:  (0196) 867-2612


    Stoke Surgery
    Belmont Villas
    Stoke, Plymouth
    Devon PL3 4DP
    Telephone:  (01752) 562-569


    Dr. Marc JACOBS
    Edzell Health Centre
    High Street,
    Edzell By Brechin
    DD9 7TA
    Telephone:  (01356) 648-209

  • For further inquiries and updates, The Embassy of Belgium in London is located at:

    17 Grosvenor Crescent
    London SW1X 7EE
    Telephone: (020) 7470-3700
    Fax: (020) 7470-3795

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