Visa Requirements for UK Passport Holders – Brazil (Federative Republic of Brazil)

British nationals can enter Brazil without a visa for a maximum of 90 days. You can extend your stay for another 90 days, and apply for this extension two weeks prior to the expiration of your initial visa. While you are in the country on tourist visa, paid or unpaid employment is strictly prohibited. It is important to note that you will be given an embarkation and disembarkation card, which you need to safe keep. You will need to fill this out completely and submit it to the authorities upon arrival and when leaving Brazil. Make sure not to lose this as you will be fined a penalty if that is the case. Overstaying is a serious offense for the government of Brazil and you may be fined for that, or may cause for you to be deported.

How to Apply for a Tourist Visa

When applying for a visa, you will of course need your valid passport, a completed visa request form, and one passport sized photograph. Together with this, you will need to present your return ticket, and proof that you are able to support your stay in Brazil for the duration of your visa. If in case you had just traveled to a Latin country known for yellow fever, proof of vaccination may also be necessary. If you are attending a seminar, conference, or artistic or sports affairs, a letter from the organizer endorsing your stay in Brazil is also necessary.

Business Visa

British citizens who are also on business may stay in Brazil for up to 90 days. A business visa is different from a work visa so never interchange the two. A work visa requires approval from the Brazilian Ministry of Employment. Your employer will be the one to file for this on your behalf, and once approved, shall be issued in the country which you are residing.

If traveling with a minor

Additional requirements are needed for a minor traveling with a guardian. You will need the original of the child’s birth certificate. In addition, you will need to present an authorization letter bearing the signatures of both parents. If your child is also in between the ages of three months and six years, you will also need a certificate of vaccination against polio.

Processing Time and Applicable Fees

When applied for in person, it normally takes about 3 days to process. If a travel agency or any third party applied for the visa on your behalf, it may take up to 10 working days. The cost will vary on the type of visa you are applying for, and the duration of your stay in Brazil.

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