Visa Requirements for UK Passport Holders – Colombia (Republic of Colombia)

Tourist and Temporary Visa

A British national is not required to apply for a visa when entering Colombia.  Upon arrival, you will only need to apply for an entry permit.  You will be required to present a return ticket at the airport, together with a passport that is valid for six months or more.

Should you wish to extend your visa, this can be done only for a maximum of 120 days and may be applied with the Department of Administration and Security in Colombia.  You cannot stay in the country for longer than 180 days in a twelve-month period.  The country has strict laws for overstaying so it is best to stay within the validity of your visa only.

For those traveling on business to attend conferences, establish commercial connections, and participate in academic or scientific activities which will not be compensated, a temporary visa is applicable, for which British citizens are also exempt from applying.

Business Visa

For company executives, a business visa may be required.  You must complete two visa application forms and have three recent photographs ready (3x3cm).  There must also be supporting documentation from your company stating the purpose of your trip, the length of your stay, and whether a single entry or multiple entry visa will be required.  Your company must ensure that they will be taking care of the expenses while you are in Colombia, and must enclose a return clause upon application.  Should you be an independent business owner, you must also present a letter stating the purpose of your trip, present bank references, and cite the names of commercial partners in Colombia.  A certificate of existence of the company in the United Kingdom or in Colombia must also be acquired and presented.

All documents must be translated into English.  All documents must have one set of photocopies to be included in the submitted documents.  This has to be legalized by an Apostille.

If the validity of the visa is more than three months, you will need to present yourself to the Department of National Security within 15 days of arrival and register the visa.  You will be given a foreigner’s ID.

All nationals must apply for a business visa in person.  This will take 5 working days to approve.

You may apply for a visa in this office:

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

The Legalisation Office
Norfolk House (West)
437 Silbury Boulevard
Milton Keynes

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