Visa Requirements for UK Passport Holders – Kosovo (Republic of Kosovo)

There are no visa requirements for British nationals to enter Kosovo. A 90-day entry stamp will be issued to travelers from the UK and this is renewable for longer stays.

Usually, foreigners will be asked to present the following upon arrival in Kosovo:

General Requirements:

  1. Current British passport, valid for the duration of stay in Kosovo.
  2. Documentary evidence of sufficient funds to cover the cost of living for the duration of stay.
  3. Return or onward tickets.
  4. Documentary proof of purpose of the visit in Kosovo.

Incidents have been reported where foreign nationals have been denied entry to Serbia from Kosovo. For this reason, British nationals are advised not to attempt to enter Serbia from Kosovo, unless the traveler has initially traveled into Kosovo from Serbia, or are traveling via Albania, Macedonia or Montenegro. Serbia does not recognize entry stamps by Kosovo border authorities at Kosovo ports of entry.

British nationals who wish to obtain further information on Kosovo immigration requirements can contact:

Embassy of Kosovo

15 Stratton Street
Mayfair, London
United Kingdom

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