Café Kaila

Breakfast foods have become so loved and popular that people sometimes eat them even for lunch or dinner. The reason behind this is because breakfast foods fill your hunger without leaving you feeling bloated. In fact more and more establishments are starting to pay attention to what they serve for breakfast.

One specific breakfast place in Honolulu gained the reputation of serving the best breakfast, and that is Café Kaila, located in Market City. Its chef and owner Kaila Castillo is a self- proclaimed lover of breakfast food. Her passion for cooking and eating moved her to open Café Kaila. Although she didn’t have any background on running a business, she didn’t give up. Hers is a process of trial and error until she found her balance.

So what is special about Café Kaila? Basically, it’s the food. The foods are meticulously prepared and arranged so beautifully. The menu consists of omelettes, really big ones; a variety of bagels; appetizing pancakes topped with fresh fruit, caramelized apple, fresh strawberries and a sprinkling of powdered sugar; golden-brown waffles laced with fruits and cream; an assortment of breakfast meats along with fresh salads and hearty soups.

The pancakes have become the biggest crowd drawer. These pancakes are moist and fluffy with a tinge of sponginess so as not to become dry. And not to forget the maple syrup, which adds to the taste.

Café Kaila menu also includes the usual favorite such as eggs, Cinnamon French Toast, Frittatas, croissant sandwiches, local scramble, ham, bacon and Portuguese sausage.

Since Café Kaila is a family oriented place, kids’ meals with choice of milk or juice are available.

Aside from breakfast, Café Kaila also serves lunch. Lunch menu includes paninis, salads, pastas and other homey specialties.

Café Kaila is such a warm and relaxing place. The restaurant itself may not be as large as one would imagine, but it is not claustrophobic either. It’s just the right size and people can even conduct business-related meetings without being disrupted by noise as the place is relatively quiet. The staff is so helpful and welcoming making sure that the customers’ needs are met.

Expect to wait a while for Café Kaila’s has a lot of following. Most people who come to Café Kaila’s don’t mind waiting at all. Of course, you can always call ahead and make reservations.

Breakfast is served from 7AM to 3PM while lunch starts at 11AM.

Café Kaila
Market City Shopping Center
2919 Kapiolani Boulevard
Honolulu, Hawaii
Telephone: (808) 732 3330

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