Chef Vola’s

Who would have thought that the recipient of the James Beard Foundation America’s Classic Awards is situated not on a fancy street or building but at a basement of an old dormitory on South Albion Place between Quarter at Tropicana and the Boardwalk Hall?

Of course, I’m talking about the famous Chef Vola’s Restaurant, serving Northern Italian dishes with a Southern influence. The restaurant seats 65 people, not too many but the owners want to keep it that way. In fact, most of the guests coming to Chef Vola’s are friends or friends of friends or neighbors of the owners and the best way to be accommodated is through calling to get reservation. It is likely that you would not be seated if you come without a reservation.

Those who have experienced dining at Chef Vola’s can attest to the sumptuous dishes this Italian restaurant offers and that is why they keep coming back for more. Among the crowd’s favorites are smoked mozzarella with prosciutto, surf and surf (crab cake) for appetizers; green salads are also part of the menu which diners often order; for main course order anything veal, it’s the perfect choice. Chef Vola’s flavorful pastas are excellent. With all the choices available, all of them delicious and mouthwatering, it is really hard to have just one favorite. One visit would not suffice to satisfy your craving.

Aside from the hearty appetizers and sumptuous main courses Chef Vola’s also boasts of delectable desserts. One of the favorites is the banana cream pie.

Chef Vola’s is owned and operated by the Esposito Family: Louise, her husband Mike and sons Lou and Michael, Jr. This family enjoys serving large portions of Italian food in their crowded dining room.

Those who have had the food at Chef Vola’s would not stop telling friends of this great find. It doesn’t matter how long they have to wait just to get a spot as long as they get in. And undoubtedly, that’s how you would feel once you get a taste of their food, too.

Chef Vola’s
111 South Albion Place
Atlantic City, New Jersey 08401
Telephone: (609) 345 2022

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