Mi Vida Café

Mi Vida Café is a quaint restaurant located in Miami, Florida.

It is a small business which offers a great solution to the lack of healthy food options for people in Miami. Since it takes a lot of effort to look for healthy yet delicious food, Mi Vida Café is definitely appreciated for offering pure vegan food. Chef Daniela La Gamma is a pure vegetarian and promotes and pursues her philosophy through her passion in cooking. They encourage animal caring and promote healthy living and lifestyle through their dishes.

The restaurant is small but cozy. Its colorful and bright atmosphere invites everyone to come in and dine there. It is warm and has a laid back atmosphere perfect for healthy eating. It is low key and comfortable, emphasizing the fresh and natural food they serve. Although the place is small, the vibe is welcoming and friendly. It offers a quiet and peaceful space for health buffs or people who want to try good and healthy food.

Organic Food

The food is organic but very delicious, making the dining experience worthwhile. The owners give a lot of thought to their menu, adding exquisite specials every day and using inventive ideas to constantly recreate their menu for better options. All of their ingredients are made in-house, making the food as fresh as possible. Their freshly baked vegan sweets are highly recommended for those with a sweet tooth and the smoothies are mouthwatering. Although the foods they serve are purely vegetarian and vegan, their flavors are outstanding. Their Seitan dishes are very famous, as are their cookies. They also cook the food right in front of you as a guarantee that all their ingredients are fresh and healthy.

Their service is also impeccable, with very friendly staff that makes sure to accommodate their customers. They also allow pick-up of orders for those who would prefer to dine elsewhere. Because the restaurant is a bit small, it is recommended to get reservations beforehand, especially if going with a group.

If ever you are in Miami, make sure to check out Mi Vida Café for the healthiest, tastiest vegan and vegetarian treats in the area.


Mi Vida Café

7244 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, FL 33138
Telephone: 305-759-6020

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