Acapulco, Mexico Beaches

The beaches in Acapulco, Mexico has some of the best beaches in the world.

For several decades, Acapulco has become a byword in the tourism and travel industry. It is the biggest as well as oldest resort hub and beach in Mexico. Acapulco is actually a narrow and tightly-curved cove that is by all means remarkably good-looking. Tourists love the jam-packed coastlines as well as the urban center’s indigenous atmosphere. It has the uniqueness of a port and tourism destination.

Tourist and Beach Sanctuary

Acapulco is a tourist and beach haven with plenty of nightlife. Despite the negative publicity lately, the city received around almost 700, 000 tourists this summer as hotel occupancy rates averaged around 67% and reached the highest point of 93%. This reflects an increase of 7% compared to the same period of the previous year. Next year, Acapulco will introduce its avant-garde airport terminal that will hopefully improve passenger traffic and enhance tourist arrival capability.

A private multinational corporation is all set to pour in billions of dollars for XTASEA which is the biggest over the ocean zip line globally. It will also refurbish historic hotels in Acapulco as well as build a large medical center, eco-amusement recreational area, and massive tennis stadium. These projects are expected to be finished until 2022. Last month, the city also hosted the POWERADE Surf Open (5th Edition).

Acapulco Beach Photos

Acapulco Beaches

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Awesome Beaches

Acapulco is filled with scenic beach resorts. According to statistics, there are more than 20 delightful beach resorts in this urban center.

ZIHUATANEJO is an eye-catching but quiet resort speckled with splendid cottages on the slopes looking out to alluring strips of beaches scattered with palm trees.

COMALA and COLIMA are beautiful colonial towns that provide glamour and spectacular volcanic sceneries in the interiors.

CALETA used to be the most well-liked beach in the city. It is situated in the long-standing part of Acapulco.

ICACOS beach lies in front of the La Palapa Hotel and a preferred beach for travelers.

CONDESA Beach is at the core of Acapulco Bay and a favorite place for both local and international vacationers.

PIE DELA CUESTA or Sunset Beach is among the most popular beaches in this city because of stunning sundown views. It is more of a slack beach found six miles northwest of Acapulco’s notable midpoint. Tourists can easily go to this place by cab, private car or commuter bus. The wide beachfront is dotted with cheap restaurants and hotels for weekend visitors.

REVOLCADERO is found at the back of Puerto Marques and highlights powerful waves and undercurrents. Puerto Marques is a huge inlet bordered by mountains and tropical plant life. It is known for attractive and serene beaches with fine-dining restaurants.

PLAYA ANGOSTA in Spanish stands for “narrow beach”. It is a desired hideaway for tourists who want to stay away from congested resorts. It is a thin expanse of sand that is between two immense cliffs. Here guests can catch a full view of the sunset amidst the Pacific Ocean.

Indeed, Acapulco is still the place to be as it remains home to some of the best beaches in the world.

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