Talula's Garden

Aimee Olexy opened Talula’s Garden in April of 2011, in partnership with Stephen Starr.


Olexy, together with her ex-husband Bryan Sikora, actually already put up a restaurant before that, back in 2001, called Django. It was just a tiny 38-seater restaurant but it was considered by many as something really, really special. Olexy was very visible in this restaurant and she is often the person manning the front of the house. However, she and her ex-husband surprisingly decided to sell Django at its peak and move to Pennsylvania’s rural Chester County where they put up Talula’s Table in 2007. They decided on the name in honor of their daughter whose name is Annalee Talula Rae. Talula’s Table earned so many recognitions because of the exemplary food and service they offer their guests, most of all because they exude a sense of community which had people coming back regularly.

Talula’s Garden is located at W. Washington Square in Philadelphia and they are open daily, from 5:00 to 10:00PM every Sunday through Thursday and from 5:00 to 11:00PM every Friday and Saturday. Since this is an extremely popular place, reserving seats in advance is the smart thing to do.

Talula’s Garden Cheese menu is like no other. The menu includes Vermont Butter and Cheese Company “Cremont”, Mouco Creamery “Colorouge”, Tumalo Farms “Fenacho”, Westfield Farm “Smoked Capri” and many, many more which cheese lovers will surely find divine and absolutely wonderful!

During the days when the sun is out and the weather is warm, the dining experience is made even more exciting by devouring your dishes out in the garden. But if you do want to sit outside even on a cold night, they have gas fire heaters to help you keep warm. Even if the restaurant is located in the city, you would not feel that at all especially when you are seated in the garden, instead you will feel like you are out in a farm. The restaurant has a very beautiful, relaxed and comfortable setting decorated with a few interesting details. The dining rooms are just the right size that you can enjoy a nice conversation with your dinner companions.

The Staff Members

The staff members are very attentive and they surely know the food they serve which makes them very delightful to talk to. They could very well discuss in detail their cheese choices as well as their main entrées and wine and cocktail list. Aside from those, they are also very friendly and graceful and they offer their guests just the right amount of attention, leaving some space for guests to enjoy and savor their meals.

The meals are not inexpensive but they are not expensive either. It is priced quite right for the amount of portions served and the bottom line is the dishes are all worth every penny. A restaurant like Talula’s Garden, where they serve rare and priceless food, provide outstanding service and which features such a lovely ambiance, is definitely something you would want to visit again whenever you’re in Philadelphia.

Talula’s Garden
210 W. Washington Square
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Telephone: (215) 592-7787
Website: http://www.talulasgarden.com/main/main.shtml

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