Flatbread Company

The first Faltbread Company was built in the summer of 1998 in Massachusetts when there were no real distributors of organic food. From the time the Flatbread Company began, they worked together with the local farms and local producers, such as Cedar Hill Farm and Valley View Farm where they get their goat cheese, George Hemlock Hollow where they get their maple syrup and Barbara’s Brownies. The worked hand in hand with these farms and eventually they expanded and built nine other stores in different locations: Portland, North Conway, New Hampshire, Burlington, Massachusetts, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Canton, Connecticut, Paia, Maui, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, Somerville, Massachusetts and Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

The Flatbread Company boasts of its all-natural wood-fired clay oven that they use to make their pizza. The superb taste comes from the cooking process it goes through before it gets served. The menu of each store varies from one another but they have the basic general menu which is composed of Organic Salads, No Boundaries Salads which have choices of veggies from the fire, and cheeses and meats that can be added to the Organic Salad. Their flatbread choices are Cheese and Herb, The Four Cheese, Homemade Sausage, Coevolution, Mopsy’s Kalua Pie, Tuscan Flatbread, Pele Pesto, Jimmy’s Free-Range Chicken, Pemberton Potato Pie, and Sundried Tomato (available only in Portland). They also have flatbreads that have an ingredient of wood-fired cauldron tomato sauce, and of course their No Boundaries flatbread where you can add any combination of veggies, cheeses and meats with Cheese and Herb, Jay’s Heart or Vegan flatbread. All the flatbreads that they serve are dough which are made daily from 100% wheat, milled into white flour with the wheat germ restored.

Many people enjoy their pizzas because they are not overloaded with ingredients making you feel rather healthy after eating them. Because their dough is made from wheat, it is not dripping with mozzarella cheese and sauce. The ingredients that they put in whatever pizza you choose to get are just the right satisfying amount. The pizza served by Flatbread Company will fulfill your craving for carbs but will most probably still save you a few calories especially when you order their vegetarian options. You may also choose to order half and half of two different toppings if you wish to try more than one of their pizzas.

The place is so popular you would usually have to wait in line to get seated so do not go there too hungry. Although they do not take reservations, you still have an option to call in and have your name listed on the waiting list. Flatbread Company is the place to be whether you are with your family or friends, for pizza lovers and what’s more, for those who are keeping watch of their weight and are conscious about they are eating as they can still savor and enjoy pizza here. Once you have tried their products, you will surely say that the superb taste has everything to do with their local ingredients that they use.

Flatbread Company
89 Hana Highway
Paia, HI 96779
Telephone: (808) 579-8989
Website: http://flatbreadcompany.com/2007Home.htm

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