Garbo’s Grill

Garbo’s Grill in Key West is not your usual restaurant. It doesn’t have elegant interiors, no hanging lamps and accommodating staff ready to cater to your every whim. In fact, I’m sure you wouldn’t imagine good food to come out of such a place.

Garbo’s Grill is actually a food truck. In fact, the food truck business is fast becoming the ‘in thing’ nowadays. It’s not that surprising since most of the people with demanding jobs are always in a hurry and cannot spare more than a couple of minutes for lunch breaks.

Garbo’s Grill owner, Heidi, is a certified foodie making her business more like a hobby than a job. Customers describe this young entrepreneur as someone who is lively, friendly and very accommodating. People who often come here expect to find something different and Heidi never disappoints them. Although she has regular items on her menu, she tries to come up with new items everyday.

The usual items on her menu include quesadillas, larger than the usual quesadilla and stuffed with lots of cheese; huge chunks of mahi-mahi and delectable mango salsa; fish taco, one of the most popular among her selections and made with fresh mahi-mahi, cabbage, mango and jalapeno sauce; burrito; mango dog, which sounds so unusual and yet so yummy; angus hotdog, another unusual treat; and burgers. These mouthwatering meals are best paired with Heidi’s piñacolada iced tea, which is totally non-alcoholic.

Another good thing about this is the fact that it is always found in the same place everyday – on Green Street. Of course, don’t expect to find a table or chair. You can have your food to go or sit by the harbor and enjoy a great meal.

Customers can call in their order ahead of time to avoid having to wait.

Garbo’s Grill
603 Green Street
Key West, Florida 33040
Telephone: (305) 924-4435

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