Lahainaa Fudge Company

Lahaina Fudge Company is the place to be for those who want to indulge their sweet tooth, where you will have endless choices of sweet fudge desserts like Orange Cream Fudge, a top seller made from simple vanilla fudge orange flavoring; Creamy Vanilla Fudge, topped with Butterfinger which makes it such a huge hit for both kids and adults; Butter Pecan Fudge, made with vanilla fudge mixed with butter pecan flavors and pecan halves; Cinnamon Crumb Cake, has vanilla fudge flavor combined with special ground cinnamon, mixed with vanilla wafer pieces; and Maple Walnut, which is their top 5 best seller, made with vanilla fudge mixed with maple flavors and big whole pieces of walnut.  The list goes on and on and on because they have numerous flavors of fudge that will surely fit each and every customer depending on their taste buds.

If ever you’re in Maui, make sure you drop by Front Street in the historic town of Lahaina because that is where you will find Lahaina Fudge Company, situated in the Old Poi Factory courtyard. It is accessibly put up between Kimo’s and Cheeseburger in Paradise and can be found at the left-hand side of the courtyard.

The fudge they serve range from $4 to $15 which is indeed money well spent because in Lahaina Fudge Company, they only use the best ingredients and the best equipment, making their products top notch. The fudge is made only by one person and he is the part-owner of the company. He is the only one who supervises the entire fudge making process and makes sure he keeps a close eye on the fudge during the whole time it is being made to make sure it remains fresh. The fudge that customers enjoy goes under a process that ensures the consistent signature taste of their products.

Although Lahaina Fudge Company is very young, it has made such a good impression on customers that they are recommended as a must-try to tourists who will be visiting Lahaina, Maui. The Lahaina Fudge Company is a joint effort of father and son Skip and Steve who both enjoy providing customers touring the island with one-of-a-kind flavors that embodies the Hawaiian aloha spirit. They are dedicated to create the finest fudge you can find in Maui which is why they have earned their mark in the island. They have opened shop just last December 2011.

If you wish that your loved ones back home would also get to try their luscious fudge products, you can actually order gift packs and have it shipped to you so you can share it with them. There are even some customers who end up buying several pounds of fudge so they can also give it to their family and friends when they head back home! The reviews that they get are all praises so it is no doubt that with such glorious flavors and superior products, Lahaina Fudge Company would surely go a long way.

Lahaina Fudge Company
815 Front Street
Lahaina, HI 96761
Telephone: (808) 661-2726

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