Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink

Today, people are becoming more and more aware of their health and wellness. That is why choosing where to eat and what to eat has become a task taken seriously in order to stay on the right track. For some, it may be difficult to find the perfect place to eat healthy but still enjoy delectable treats and delicious delights. This restaurant seems to be a great solution to cater to health buffs’ needs and standards.

Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink is a trendy restaurant located in the heart of the Design District. It offers the best farm-to-table food, guaranteed fresh, organic and the best in quality. It is because of this that it is known as a place to see and be seen. It offers a relaxed yet chic atmosphere among a trendy area which is popular with people who like to keep up with what’s new and fresh.

This establishment takes pride in its innovative flavors excellently prepared by trusted hands. Michael’s Genuine lives up to its name; from growing and harvesting to preparing and serving, Michael’s Genuine is passionate about making every detail count to ensure the best combination of flavors they can get. They work closely with their suppliers, going into partnership with them to look for new flavors and best practices in handling their finest selection of ingredients. Since their menu is seasonal, their menu changes daily depending on what is delivered to their doorstep fresh from the farms.

Because this is a top notch establishment, reservations are needed for a hassle-free brunch, lunch or dinner. Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink offers style, relaxation, tasty dishes without the high prices, and a good time, making a phenomenal dining experience.

They have also been awarded with Slow Food USA’s Snail of Approval for contributing to authenticity, quality, and most of all, sustainability in the food supply of an area. They support small, family-owned operations and methods of production focused on sustainability. As a part of The Genuine Hospitality Group, another mission of theirs is to reach out to parts of the community who do not have the luxury to dine out but need more access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Excellent food, great service, fresh atmosphere and a caring philosophy: what more can you ask for?

Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink
130 Northeast 40th Street
Miami, FL 33137
Telephone: (305) 573-5550
Website: http://www.michaelsgenuine.com/miami

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