Mike’s Pastry

The North End of Boston, specifically Hanover Street, has become a sort of pastry haven for locals and tourists. Mike’s Pastry is one of these pastry havens that offer Italian pastries, cookies, pies, marzipans and cakes.

Mike’s Pastry is a family-owned business that has been handed down from generation to generation, typical of Italian families. The recipes came from all over Italy and the world. Mike’s has a wide variety of Traditional Italian and American favorites – it would be difficult to pick just one. Customers are guaranteed that they only get the freshest products as these are made on the store premises.

Mike’s Pastry offers traditional Italian pastry that comes in different variations. These include Crème Puff, Rum Cake and Napoleons. For cakes, they have White Cake, Cassata Siciliana, Gold Cake, Strawberry Cheesecake and Boston Crème among others. Orders for customized cakes are also accepted. The cookie selection is as wide as it can get. They have macaroons and éclair and wafer. The Ricotta Pie is also a crowd favorite. Pie flavors are Apple, Lemon, Custard, Blueberry and Cherry. This pastry shop also offers brownies and fruit squares such as Fresh Fig, Raspberry Crumb Topping and Apple Crumb Topping to name a few.

Another delectable desert that Mike’s Pastry offers is Gelati or Gelato. This Italian Gelato is smoother than the regular ice cream. Customers are encouraged to try a scoop or two. Flavors include chocolate, pistachio, coffee, cappuccino, chocolate chip, fudge, peanut butter, strawberry and more.

Customers are also invited to dine in at Caffe Mike’s. Enjoy Mike’s Pastry with your favorite coffee, hot chocolate or tea. The café is located at the front lobby of the pastry shop and can accommodate up to 50 people. Expect that it will be crowded, as is always the case. People wouldn’t mind lining up even on the street just to get their favorite Mike’s Pastry goodies.

Frequent visitors would say that Mike’s Pastry is a perfect treat for those with sweet tooth since their products are sometimes a little sweeter with smoother and creamier fillings.

Mike’s Pastry
300 Hanover Street
Boston, Massachusetts (North End)
Telephone: (617) 742 3050
Fax: (617) 523 2384
Email: mikespastry@aol.com
Website: www.mikespastry.com
Store Hours: Sunday to Tuesday 8am to 10pm
Wednesday to Thursday 8am to 10:30am
Friday to Saturday 8am to 11:30pm

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