Tropical Isle

The Tropical Isle is the home of the famous Hand Grenade drink. It was founded in 1984 during the New Orleans World’s Fair at the French Quarter. The secret recipe of the most powerful drink in New Orleans was created by the club owners Pam Fortner and Earl Bernhardt the same year Tropical Isle was opened to the public. The drink has its own trademark which makes it exclusive to Tropical Isle and cannot be bought elsewhere.

So what makes the Hand Grenade so special? It is a melon flavored drink sold in an exclusive souvenir cup that is shaped like a hand grenade and you can have it either on the rocks or frozen. The drink is so powerful and really sought after; it has become a legend that it is always included in tourists’ to-do list when they are in New Orleans. But you do not have to be actually in New Orleans to be able to try this one-of-a-kind drink, you can order the mix through their website and have it shipped to you. However, there is a two-gallon limit per customer and the alcohol is not included. Mix ordered online cannot be used for any commercial purposes and should only be intended for personal use. Other mixes available for shipping are Horny Gator and Tropical Itch which are not so popular but are still worth a try. The mixes come with instructions when they are shipped to you to ensure that you use the right amount of mix on your drink to create the same experience as if you actually visited the Tropical Isle. The Hand Grenade mix is so popular and so good that a lot people wanted to replicate the drink for retail purposes which is why the Tropical Isle opted to have the mix trademarked.

The full experience of the Tropical Isle does not only rely mainly on the famous Hand Grenade drink but they also feature great music from live bands every night that play a wide variety of music which everybody will definitely enjoy. The staff and bartenders are all friendly and very accommodating to their customers.

And if you think Tropical Isle is just any other ordinary night club, think again! You can in fact bring your business there for a very entertaining and unique experience for your clients where you can hold your meetings for a very affordable price compared to hotel function rooms and other restaurants. What’s even more good news is that you get to arrange everything that you need directly with the Tropical Isle owner which means you get your response from your inquiries fast.

So that being said, Tropical Isle is truly a place for both business and leisure which makes it the ultimate place to be. Getting a taste of the very famous Hand Grenade, enjoying great food, listening to good music and experiencing a terrific atmosphere, what more could you ask for? These are exactly the reasons why people really make sure to stop by Tropical Isle when they are in town.

Tropical Isle
Original – 600 Bourbon Street
Bourbon – 721 Bourbon Street
Bayou Club & Music Bar – 610 Bourbon Street
Little Tropical Isle – 435 Bourbon Street
New Orleans, LA

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