Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice

Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice is located in Maui and they specialize in serving great tasting shave ice. What make them famous are the ingredients they use on their products. They are now making 100% of the syrups that they use along with their other signature recipes and the blends that they use such as premium purees, fruit juices, extracts and other concentrates. Some of their most popular flavors are coconut, mango, pineapple, lilikoi or passion fruit, guava, strawberry and banana. These flavors became very well-known because tasting them would make you feel like you are actually biting on the real fruit. Other flavors that they are known for are their so-called local flavors like li hing mui, pickled mango, lychee, melona and passion orange. Their shave ice treats are phenomenal because they only use pure cane sugar and purified water for their syrups and ice. Not only that, but they only use Maui’s finest fresh Mochi from Maui Specialty Chocolates or Maui’s own premium ice cream from Roselani’s, and their own creation of Azuki beans and Li hing Mui drizzle for their add-ons.

Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice began operating December of 2008, but it has been a life-long dream of Ululani to put up a shave ice shop. It was in the year of 2003 when she finally decided to follow her business instinct and purchased her first shave ice machine and supplies using her retirement money. Her business began at community events and private parties and then she became known throughout the Portland, Vancouver and Washington areas. She even became a regular vendor at the Vancouver Farmer’s Market and at all cultural events held at Uwajimaya’s Beaverton location and at festivals and sporting events at University Lu’aus.

Their shave ice costs $4.25 for the small size and $5.25 for the large. They have a wide range of flavors to choose from and they even have sugar free flavors for those who are cautious about their sugar level. You also have the option to combine flavors to make your shave ice even more exciting. They have even made this easier for their customers because they already included the best or favorite combinations to choose from in their menu.

The store is actually recognized by various websites recommending it to travelers who would be visiting Maui. And those who have visited their store were not at all let down by their experience in Ulalani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice treats.

Aside from the mouthwatering products that they serve, Ulalani’s Hawaiian shave ice is also commended by the way they treat their customers. Their people really know how to deal with customers especially when there are first-timers visiting their store. They are very patient and accommodating and they really go out of their way to make suggestions on their flavors and combinations making the first experience of their product really superb. Most of the people who got the chance to taste their shave ice made sure they come back for more.

Ululani’s Shave Ice
790 Front Street
Lahaina, HI or
819 Front Street
Lahaina, HI or
333 Dairy Road
Kahului, HI
Telephone: 360-606-2745
Website: http://ululanisshaveice.com/

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