Visa Requirements for Canada Passport Holders – Barbados

Canadians who want to visit or travel to Barbados only need to have a valid Canadian passport when entering the country. They are only allowed to stay in Barbados for a maximum of 28 days. They should also have with them copies or the actual tickets for their return flight, which is needed to be given entry to the territory.

Tourist visas and business visas are not needed for Canadians who will stay for only 28 days. A visa will be required if they will stay longer than the allowed visa free period and if they will study in Barbados. Visas can be obtained from Barbados Immigration Department in The Careenage House, Wharf Road in Bridgetown and at the Grantley Adams International Airport in Christ Church.

General visa requirements

  1. Canadian passport (valid for at least six months and has at least 2 blank pages)
  2. Photocopy of personal information page of passport (2 copies)
  3. 2 copies fully accomplished visa Form J(visa application form)
  4. 2 copies colored photographs (passport size)
  5. Tourist/Business visa application fees:
    1. Single entry – BBD $50.00
    2. Multiple entry – BBD $60.00
  6. Student visa requirements and fess:
    1. Student visa form H1 and H2 (with school principal stamp)
    2. 4 copies colored photographs (passport size)
    3. Student visa fee : BBD $100.00
  7. Work permits :
    1. Work permits are obtained by employer in Barbados
    2. Work permit fee : BBD $100.00
    3. BBD $400.00 supplementary fee (to work and reside in Barbados after work permit is issued)

Important Reminders

  • Entry requirements may change at any given time. For individuals who may have questions, they may get in touch with:

    High Commission for Barbados

    55 Metcalfe Street
    Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 6L5, Canada

  • Tourist or business visa may take two weeks to process, student visa from four to six weeks, and work permits from six to eight weeks processing time.
  • The Immigration Department Offices of Barbados are located at:

    The Careenage House

    Wharf Road, Bridgetown, Barbados.
    Telephone: (246) 4261011
    Fax: (246) 4260819

    The Grantley Adams International Airport

    Christ Church, Barbados
    Telephone: (246) 4184180
    Fax: (246) 4207180

  • Individuals who do not obtain the required visa or permits while staying in Barbados may face heavy fines and penalties.
  • Official or Diplomatic passport holders are rewarded visas gratis upon arrival.
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