Visa Requirements for Canada Passport Holders – Iran (Islamic Republic of Iran)

Every country has specific requirements for travelers to be allowed to enter or pass through their territory. These requirements also determine if the individual will be allowed to stay in the country. A traveler must typically obtain an entry visa to be permitted to travel and enter a country. But there are certain countries that do not have requirements for certain nationalities other than the passport from their country of origin.

Canadian passport holders need visas in order to be allowed entry into the Islamic Republic of Iran. They must have a Canadian passport with a validity of 6 months after their last day in Iran. Although the Canadian government highly advises its citizens to avoid travelling to Iran unless it is really necessary, for those who have plans of going to Iran, they can apply for a visa at the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Ottawa. Visa processing may take up to a month, which is why applications should be done well ahead of the intended date of travel.

A Canadian traveling on business can also get a 72 hour visa at any point of entry in Iran but the host company must inform the Passport and Visa Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran before the Canadian visitor arrives in order to give ample time for processing.

Visa application requirements

  1. Canadian passport (valid for 6 months after departure from Iran)
  2. 1 Colored passport sized photo (recent, no glasses)
  3. Fully completed and signed visa application form
  4. For diplomatic and service visa:
    1. Official Letter from Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, or from recognized foreign Mission or international organization to Canada (details and purpose of travel)
  5. For entry visa for business, conference, study, work, or sports:
    1. Copy of letter from Iranian host/sponsor (company, organization, institution etc.)
    2. Completed Business and Commerce Visa Application Form for interested individuals who have plans of engaging in business in Iran
    3. Work permit obtained by Iranian company or partner
  6. For Press visa:
    1. Completed Application form for the Media
  7. For transit visa:
    1. Valid approved visa for destination country
  8. Paid visa application fee:
    1. Business visa – CAD$ 986.00
    2. Diplomatic or Official visa – gratis
    3. Education visa – CAD$ 85.00
    4. Entry visa – Single entry – CAD$ 77.00, Two entries – CAD$ 140.00, Multiple entry – CAD$ 155.00
    5. Pilgrimage visa – CAD$ 55.00
    6. Press visa – Single entry – CAD$ 77.00, Two entries – CAD$ 140.00, Multiple entry – CAD$ 155.00
    7. Tourist visa – CAD$ 70.00
    8. Transit visa – CAD$ 46.00

Important reminders

  • Visa application may be submitted personally or by post to:

    Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran

    245 Metcalfe St.
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K2P 2K2 Canada
    Embassy (613) 235-4726
    Information (613) 230-8831
    Consulate (613) 233-4726
    Visa section (613) 235-6736
    Fax:  Embassy (613) 235-5712
    Consulate (613) 233-4726
    Email: /
    Embassy: Monday to Friday – 9:00AM to 5:00PM
    Consulate: Monday to Friday – 9:00AM to 1:00PM

  • Visa applications can also be submitted through registered mail and should include a self-addressed stamped envelope. The Iranian Embassy does not recommend the use of courier companies such as DHL, UPS and Purulator.
  • Visa application fees can only be paid by money order payable to “The Embassy of the I.R. of Iran”
  • Visa processing for applications with complete documents can last from 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Visitors are reminded to follow the permitted duration of the visa given to them. Overstaying can result in possible arrest.
  • Arriving passenger luggage are opened and inspected by airport officials. The same is done before departure from Iran.
  • The passports of those travelling on business may be sequestered if there are cases of business disagreement.
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