Visa Requirements for Canada Passport Holders – Vietnam (Socialist Republic of Vietnam)

Canadians must be in possession of a visa when traveling to Vietnam. These must be obtained from the Vietnamese Embassy prior to departure.

Visas for Vietnam may be requested as early as 6 months prior to the date of travel. Vietnamese are usually valid for a single entry, unless the traveler has expressly requested for a multiple entry visa. Those planning to leave Vietnam and re-enter from another country are strongly advised to obtain multiple entry visas.

General Requirements:

  1. Original Canadian passport with validity of at least 1 month beyond the departure date from Vietnam. Please note that airlines may require their passengers to carry passports with validity of at least 6 months from the date of travel.

    Note: In extremely urgent cases, a loose-leaf visa can be requested, and then a copy of the valid passport’s personal and photo pages may be submitted instead of the original.

  2. 1 fully accomplished and duly signed visa application form with 1 original and recent 4cm x 6cm photo attached (visa application form may be downloaded in PDF or DOC format).
  3. For business visa: Approval obtained by his/her sponsor or counterpart in Vietnam. If the applicant does not have a sponsor/counterpart in Vietnam, he/she may contact the Embassy for assistance.
  4. For applications sent by mail: A prepaid, self-addressed return envelope. Please use Priority Courier Canada Post envelope or, in urgent cases, self-addressed FedEx Waybill for return. Please remember to record/write down the return waybill number for future tracking reference. Applicants applying together may provide one envelope for visas to be returned to the same address.
  5. Visa fee.

Please note:

  • After the Embassy has received the applications, it takes 5 business days to process visa applications with approval and 1 to 2 business days for expedited processing (for an additional fee).
  • Applicants are requested to keep the tracking numbers of the envelopes to and from the Embassy and use those tracking numbers with the mailing service first before calling the Embassy to inquire on the status of the applications.
  • Applicants are advised to keep their passport numbers for reference when inquiring on the status of their applications. Please do not call until after 3 business days for expedited cases and 7 business days for regular cases.

Visa Processing Fees:

Visa fees must be paid in the form of money order or certified check, made payable to “The Embassy of Vietnam”. Applicants applying together may submit combined payment in one money order or certified cheque.

For inquiries on the visa fees, please call  (613) 236-1398 / (613) 236-0772 ext. 26 or ext. 21 or ext. 28 or ext. 25 or ext. 32 or by fax at (613) 236-0819.

This information is subject to regular adjustments. For the most current visa requirements, please contact the Vietnamese Embassy.

Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
470 Wilbrod Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 6M8
Telephone: (613) 236-0772 / 236-1398 (Consular Section)
Fax: (613) 236-2704 / 236-0819 (Consular Section)

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