Visa Requirements for Canada Passport Holders – Bangladesh (People’s Republic of Bangladesh)

Applying for a Visa

The application form may be downloaded from the website (  This is a fillable PDF form, so you may type the information needed and print it out.  You may also opt to print the form and fill out by hand as well.  Make sure that your handwriting is legible enough to read.  This may cause significant delay in processing.

The purpose of travel must clearly be stated in the application.  You must also attach documents in support of this purpose.  That is, if you are going to Bangladesh on business, a letter from the person/ business office/ government or non-government organization in Bangladesh who extended the invitation to you should be included in the application.  Submit this together with your valid Canadian passport with a minimum of three unused pages, for visa stamping.

Attach a bank draft, or postal money order, payable to “Bangladesh High Commission.”  Personal checques will not be accepted.   Cash is not an acceptable mode of payment either.  Charges will be detailed further in this document.

Should you be sending your application via mail, make sure that you do so via registered or express mail.  An additional envelope with enclosed postal stamps should also be included to be able to return applicant’s passport via registered mail.  Applications via courier (FedEx, DHL) will not be accepted.

Sign the completed application and make sure all blanks are accounted for.  This may result in delays to which the embassy is not accountable for.

Fees, Charges, Processing Time

Single entry visa valid for three months costs CAD80, while the multiple entry visa is CAD158.  This is issued within seven working days from application.

No Visa Required

Dual citizens (Bangladeshi-Canadian) may avail of the NVR seal on their passports.  The process above remains the same.  Please attach 1 passport sized photograph for each applicant for NVR.  The background for the photo must be white and should show your face clearly.  If submitting an application for a child, please attach the photocopy of the detailed form of Canadian Statement of Live Birth or birth certificate bearing the names of both parents.

Fees, Charges, Processing Time

This costs CAD80.  No cash or personal checques are accepted.  Bank drafts and postal money orders payable to “Bangladesh High Commission” is the only form of payment acceptable.

More Information

For further enquiries, you may call the High Commission for Bangladesh in Ottawa, Canada, at this number:

(613) 236 0138 to 39 (ext. 229, 230)

You may also email them at

For any other information, visit their website at

High Commission for Bangladesh, Ottawa, Canada

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