Visa Requirements for Canada Passport Holders – Colombia (Republic of Colombia)

A tourist visa is not required of a Canadian citizen when traveling to Colombia.  You must have with you your passport, which must be valid for six months upon entry. For those who are dual citizens, your Colombian passport must be used to enter and exit Colombia.  You must also present your Colombian identification card. An airport tax is applicable upon departure.  Should you be entering via land, you must obtain a stamp on your passport when entering the border.

However, should you be an executive wishing to stay in Colombia for business purposes, you must obtain a visa for this.

The requirements for a business visa are as follows:

  • Valid passport
  • Attachment of a copy of the main page of current passport, showing personal information, and the page which contains the Colombian visa, if any.
  • Visa application thoroughly completed by applicant
  • Two recent 3x3cm photographs with white background
  • A letter from the legal representative of the company stating what position the applicant is in (must be at the level of director or executive), the activities of business which he will be undertaking in Colombia, stating that the company is responsible for all expenses while applicant is in Colombia.

These requirements may be subject to changes so it may be best to check with the consulate prior to application.

For any other inquiries regarding visas and travel information, you may consult the Embassy of Colombia through the following address and contact numbers:

The Embassy of Colombia

360 Albert Street, Suite 1002,
Ottawa- Ontario K1R 7X2 Canada
Telephone: (613) 230-3760

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