Visa Requirements for Canada Passport Holders – Zambia (Republic of Zambia)

Canadians require visas when traveling to Zambia. Visas should be obtained prior to departure at the Zambian High Commission in Ottawa.

Canadian travelers should bear in mind that the validity of the visa is not the period in which they are authorized to stay in the country, but a period within which they have to enter Zambia. The length of stay in Zambia is determined by Immigration Officers at the ports of entry.

It is important to note that the Zambian Immigration strongly recommends anti-malaria dosage two weeks prior to departure. Yellow Fever vaccination is not required unless entering Zambia from a Yellow Fever infected country.

General Requirements:

  1. Original Canadian passport, with validity of at least 6 months beyond the intended departure date from Zambia and containing 2 blank visa pages.
  2. 2 fully accomplished and duly signed visa application forms, submitted with the following:
    1. 2 recent passport size (2” x 2”) photographs (both photographs should be signed at the back and stapled one photograph to each visa application form)
    2. Photocopy of passport page containing personal details
  3. For business visa:
    1. Official cover letter specifying in brief detail the nature of their intended transactions in Zambia, and/or
    2. Copy of work permit from their sponsor or prospective employers
    3. Tickets for return or onward travel or confirmed ticket booking or itinerary

Note: Business Visitors are entitled to Thirty (30) days visit in any given period of twelve (12) months.

  1. For tourist visa:
    1. Flight and tour itinerary from the Tour Operator/travel agent
  2. For visitor visa:
    1. Letter of invitation from host/s in Zambia
  3. For applications by post: Prepaid, self-addressed return envelopes (applicants may use FedEx or UPS). Mail complete application package to:

High Commission of the Republic of Zambia
Suite 205
151 Slater Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1P 5H3

Please note:

  • Applications should be submitted at least 1 month before date of travel.
  • Canadian travelers to Zambia are advised to contact the Zambian High Commission for information on the current applicable visa fees.

The information stated herein can be changed from time to time. Please contact the Zambian High Commission for confirmation concerning the latest visa, entry and exit requirements for Zambia.

High Commission for the Republic of Zambia
151 Slater Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1P 5H3
Telephone: (613) 232-4400
Fax: (613) 232-4410

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