Visa Requirements for Canada Passport Holders – Vanuatu (Republic of Vanuatu)

Canadian citizens do not require visas before traveling to Vanuatu for 30-day stays. However, they will need to present their Canadian passports with validity of at least 6 months beyond the expected departure date from Vanuatu, proof of sufficient funds to cover expenses for their length of stay and onward or return tickets.

Travelers intending to transit Australia to get to Vanuatu must obtain Australian visas or an Electronic Travel Authority. The ETA can be obtained directly from any participating travel agent or from an airline reservation office.

Canadians who wish to travel to Vanuatu for an extended period of stay must apply for a standard permanent residence permit which is normally issued initially for 1 year but may be renewed annually provided that the conditions under which they were first issued have not changed.

Vanuatu is represented in Canada by the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Vanuatu to the United Nations in New York, USA. All Canadians are strongly encouraged to contact said office to obtain the most current visa and entry requirements for Vanuatu before traveling.

Permanent Mission of the Republic of Vanuatu to the United Nations
800 Second Avenue, Suite 400B
New York, NY
Telephone: (212) 661-4303
Fax: (212) 422-3427 / 661-5544

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