Visa Requirements for Canadian Passport Holders – Sri Lanka (Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka)

Canadian Passport holders traveling to Sri Lanka must obtain a visa to enter the country. Canadian passports must be valid for at least six months beyond the date of the traveler’s expected exit from Sri Lanka. Canadian visitors must also be in possession of an onward or return ticket and proof of adequate funds.

Canadian passport holders can obtain a 30-day visa on arrival, which can be extended at a Sri Lankan Immigration office in Colombo. For longer stays, tourist visas for up to 90 days can be obtained at a Sri Lankan government office abroad prior to travel. Canadian passport holders who are planning to visit for longer than 30 days, or for other purposes than tourism, regardless of the length of their planned stay in Sri Lanka, must obtain a visa before their arrival to the country.

Those entering into Sri Lankan waters, at any point, are required to obtain prior approval.

Proof of yellow fever immunization is required for those arriving from infected areas.

Visa Requirements

  1. Duly completed visa application form (Form B)
  2. Two recent photographs – passport size – (Color or Black and White)
  3. Valid passport with one unused visa page (passport should be valid for two months from the date of departure from Sri Lanka – after the intended visit)
  4. Additional requirements mentioned under respective visa categories
  5. Relevant Visa fee.

Information gathered here are subject to change without prior notice. Canadian passport holders traveling to Sri Lanka are encouraged to contact the Embassy of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka for consular consultation and further information and confirmation:

High Commission for the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

333 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, Ontario
K1P 1C1
Telephone: (613) 233-8449 / 1550 / 747-0844 (24 Hours)
Fax: (613) 238-8448

Sri Lanka Consulate

30 Suite 805 St. Clair Avenue West
Toronto, Ontario
Telephone: (613) 323-9133 / 323-3120
Fax: (613) 323-3205

Consular Offices


685 Cathcart Street
Montréal, Quebec
H3B 1M7
Telephone: (514) 594-1284
Fax: (419) 791-7550

40 St. Clair Avenue West
Toronto, Ontario
M4V 1M2
Telephone: (416) 323-9133
Fax: (416) 323-3205

666 Burrard Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6C 2Z7
Telephone: (604) 643-2906
Fax: (604) 605-3574

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