Visa requirements for Ireland

Canada Passport Holders

Canadian citizens, in general, are allowed to enter Ireland and stay up to 90 days without a visa. This applies for purposes of tourism, business and studies, except for employment purposes and the Student Work Abroad Program (SWAP).

Canadian travelers entering Ireland must present a passport that is valid for at least the duration of their stay. However, some airlines may not allow a passenger to board if they are dissatisfied with the passport’s validity. As a general rule, it is always best to verify passport validity requirements with the carrier well before any planned international travel.

Additionally, Canadians may be asked to present proof of adequate funds to cover their expenses for the duration of stay in Ireland as well as a return or onward ticket.

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Philippine Passport Holders

Filipino citizens who intend to travel to Ireland must first obtain a visa, for all types of visits. A passport would also have to be valid for at least 6 months from the intended date of departure from Ireland.

It is important to note that a visa for Ireland, when issued, is only a form of pre-entry clearance. Granting of permission to enter the State, as well as the duration with which a visitor will be allowed to remain, is at the discretion of the Immigration Officer at the port of entry.

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British Passport Holders

Along with UK, Ireland is a member of the Common Travel Area. Thus, British citizens do not require a visa, or a passport, in order to travel to Ireland. However, it is strongly advised that British nationals still carry their valid passports with them whenever they travel to Ireland as Irish immigration officers will check the photographic identification of all travelers arriving by air from the UK.

Other types of photographic ID may be acceptable for some carriers and the Irish immigration. British travelers are advised to consult their airlines beforehand and heed any advice given to them.

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American Passport Holders

US citizens who intend to travel to Ireland for tourist or business purposes and stay for up to 3 months do not need to secure a visa. Americans who wish to work or study in Ireland are required to obtain the appropriate visa according to the purpose of their stay before traveling to Ireland.

General Requirements – Student Visa:

  1. Fully accomplished and duly signed application form.
  2. Current passport, valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of expected completion of studies in Ireland. Any previous passports held must also be submitted.
  3. Documentary proof that the applicant is enrolled in a privately funded course that involves at least 15 hours of organized daytime tuition each week.
  4. Proof of payment of requisite fees to the college. This can be satisfied by a copy of an Electronic Transfer of Funds from the applicant to the college’s or university’s bank in Ireland. This should clearly state the beneficiary’s name, address, bank details as well as the same details for the sender. The Embassy hopes that the fees would then be returned to the applicant in the event that a visa is refused.

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