Visa Requirements for Netherlands Passport Holders – Albania (Republic of Albania)

Dutch citizens are required to secure a visa prior to traveling to the Republic of Albania. A passport valid for at least six months is also required.

General Requirements:

  1. Completed visa application form
  2. Two passport photographs
  3. Valid national passport
  4. Current bank statement & one copy
  5. Payment of visa fees for Albanian Visa.
  6. Proof of group travel/ hotel booking in Albania/ airline reservation for Albania is required for those travelling to Albania for tourism.
  7. A reference letter from your employer/ education institution is required for those travelling to Albania for employment or education.

For the latest information on visa requirements, visit or contact:

Embassy of Albania

Anna Paulownastraat 109 B

2518 BD

The Hague, Netherlands

City: The Hague

Telephone: 31 70 4272101, +31 70 3632021

Fax: 31 70 4272083


Important Notice: The information provided here are subject to change without prior notice. For confirmation on visa requirements and fees, you may consult with the Embassy or Consulate for Albania near you.

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