Visa Requirements for US Passport Holders – Afghanistan (Islamic Republic of Afghanistan)

Entry visa is required of all foreign visitors prior to arrival in Afghanistan. Afghan entry visas are not obtainable at Kabul International Airport and the passports of U.S. citizens arriving in Afghanistan without a visa are subject to confiscation. This will also result in difficulty of reclaiming confiscated passport and acquiring a visa, payment of heavy penalties and possible deportation from the country. Those arriving in Afghanistan by means of military air transport generally will have difficulty upon opting to depart from Afghanistan via commercial airlines due to the fact that their passports will not be stamped to show that they entered legally into the country. U.S. citizens arriving in Afghanistan using military air transport should therefore swiftly work towards getting a legal status if they are going to leave the country by other means of transportation aside from military air.

General Requirements:

  1. One valid and accomplished visa application form.
  2. One passport-sized photo attached to the application form.
  3. Passport that is valid for at least six months.
  4. For U.S. alien residents:
    1. Copy of Green Card
    2. Copy of original passport.
    3. Copy of original or valid alien registration card of valid US resident Visa.
  5. Letter of introduction from an employer or sponsor providing the information with regards to the intent and length of your stay at Afghanistan, sponsorship information and financial guarantee for all your expenditure in Afghanistan.

Please note:

  • In some cases, additional documents may be required.
  • Incomplete documents submitted will be returned to the applicant, unprocessed.
  • The visa application form must be accomplished in full, and a complete set of supporting documents must be submitted to ensure that processing time is kept to a minimum.
  • Multiply entry visas to Afghanistan are normally not issued.
  • Three months and six months visas are valid from date of issue.

Visa Processing Fee:

Payment must be made in US dollars with either a money order or cashier’s check that is made payable to the ‘Embassy of Afghanistan’.

  1. Options for payment for short-term single-entry visa that is good for one month:
    1. One month stay visa processed within 24 hours: $100.00
    2. One month stay visa processed within 3 days: $70.00
    3. One month stay visa processed within 2 weeks: $50.00
  2. Options for payment for long-term single-entry visa that is good for three or six months:
    1. Three months stay visa processed within 1-2 days: $140.00
    2. Six months stay visa processed within 1-2 days: $180.00

Important Notice: Those sending in their requirements via mail our courier are requested to include a prepaid, self-addressed return envelope. It is suggested that USPS (United States Postal Service) or Express Mail (FEDEX) be used to ensure the security of your passport.

For Afghans: Afghans born in Afghanistan, holding non-Afghan passports do not need to apply for a visa; you only need to secure an entry permit from the Consular Office. It may also be downloaded.

Please note that the rules and regulations for Visa entry to Afghanistan by US passport holders are subject to change.

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