Visa Requirements for US Passport Holders – Kosovo (Republic of Kosovo)

US citizens who wish to visit Kosovo may do so without the need to obtain a visa. Generally, visitors to Kosovo are permitted to enter and stay a maximum of 90 days and will only need to present the following:

General Requirements:

  1. Valid passport or travel document.
  2. Proof of adequate financial means to cover living expenses during the period of stay in Kosovo.
  3. Return or onward tickets.
  4. Reasons for visiting Kosovo. Additional documents may be required depending on the traveler’s purpose of visit.

In cases where Kosovo citizens invite foreign citizens on private visits, the Kosovar citizen is required to present the following to border police at least 10 days prior to visitor’s arrival in Kosovo:

  • Guarantee letter stamped by the competent Municipal Court.
  • For business-related purposes:
    • Relevant documentation with regards to the business that the foreign citizen is developing in Kosovo or
    • Copy of business certificate for the local company sending the invitation to the foreigner.

All foreigners in Kosovo are only granted a stay of 90 days. After 90 days, all visitors must report to the Directorate of Foreigners at the Kosovo Police. Failure to do so will render their stay as illegal.

It is important to note that Serbian authorities do not consider the designated crossing points from Kosovo to be official international border crossing points. US citizens will be prevented from entering Serbia from Kosovo without first having entered Serbia and obtaining an entry stamp from Serbia. Serbia does not recognize entry stamps by Kosovo border authorities at Kosovo ports of entry.

For more information on immigration requirements upon arrival in Kosovo, US citizens can contact:

Embassy of Republic of Kosovo

1101 30th Street NW
Suite 330/340
Washington, DC
Telephone: (202) 380-3581
Fax: (202) 380-3628

Consulate General of Republic of Kosovo

801 Second Avenue
Suite 405
New York, NY
Telephone: (212) 949-1400
Fax: (212) 949-1401

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