Visa Requirements for US Passport Holders – Greece (Hellenic Republic)

Since Greece is party to the Schengen Agreement, US citizens are allowed to visit Greece for tourist or business purposes without a visa and stay for up to 90 days. A passport that is valid for at least 3 months beyond the exit date from Greece and documentary evidence of financial capacity to fund the duration of the trip will have to be presented, along with a return or onward ticket.

For US citizens born in the Republic of Macedonia: Greek Immigration Officers will not place entry stamps in passports listing the traveler’s place of birth as Macedonia or the Republic of Macedonia at all ports of entry (land, air or sea). As such, these travelers should complete a short form on which the entry stamp will be placed. This document should be kept along with the passport for the entire length of stay in Greece and present upon exit from the country.

For individuals who wish to study in Greece, a valid visa for this purpose will need to be obtained.

General Requirements – Student Visa:

  1. Passport with at least 3 months validity beyond the date of departure from Greece.
  2. Fully accomplished and duly signed application form.
  3. 1 passport size photo (2” x 2”). This photo must be affixed to the application form using glue. Stapling the photograph to the application form will result in rejection of application.
  4. Certified letter of acceptance from the educational institution.
  5. Medical certificate verifying that the applicant does not suffer from any communicable disease.
  6. National criminal record check from the FBI.
  7. Documentary evidence of health insurance coverage for the duration of stay in Greece.
  8. Evidence of financial capacity to cover cost of living in Greece for the length of stay. This may be in the form of a signed affidavit from the applicant’s parents confirming that they will provide for all his or her financial needs while in Greece.
  9. Parents’ bank account and credit card statements.
  10. Parents’ W2 forms for the last 2 years.

Please note:

  • Application should be done in person at least 2 weeks in advance of scheduled departure.
  • Other documentation may be requested by the Consular Office as deemed necessary.
  • All documents have to be submitted in their original form. In addition, applicants are required to submit 1 set of photocopies of each document.
  • An applicant may opt to have his or her passport mailed once the visa has been approved, as long as he or she has provided a prepaid, self-addressed courier envelope along with the application (FEDEX, UPS, DHL, etc.).
    • The Consulate General of Greece in New York only accepts prepaid envelopes from USPS.
  • Only cash or money orders made payable to the “Embassy of Greece” or the respective Consulate or General Consulate of Greece are accepted.
    • The Consulate General of Greece in New York accepts only money orders.

For more information on visa requirements, you may contact:

Embassy of Greece

2217 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20008
Telephone: (202) 939-1306
Fax: (202) 234-2803

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