Visa Requirements for Philippine Passport Holders – Australia (Commonwealth of Australia)

Australia is one of the countries that issue a visa electronically.  However, the Philippines is not one in their list who are eligible for this type of visa.  Hence, all applications must be submitted through the Australian Embassy’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) in Manila.

Tourist Visa

Philippine passport holders may apply for the tourist visa (subclass 676).  This visa allows you to stay in Australia for three or six months, although a stay of up to twelve months may be granted by the embassy.  You are allowed to enter the country within 12 months of issuance of the visa.

All application forms can be downloaded from the DIAC website, free of charge.  You can also obtain a copy of the application form from the Visa Information and Application Center (VIA), with a minimum charge for the phone call and the courier.  Visitor visa applications are also available in most travel agencies in Manila.

You will generally need to lodge your application through the call center or personally at the VIA center, but the embassy prefers that all personal documents, passports, and payments be submitted and made personally as delivery could not be guaranteed via mail.

For the tourist visa, download visa application form 48R.  Complete the application form, and make sure there is one form for each passport holder.

You should undergo a health examination if you are over 70 years of age, or you want to stay in Australia for longer than three months.

Gather all the supporting documents needed.  You must present the following documents:

  • a Manager’s Checque in Philippine peso, payable to the Australian Embassy.  Standard fees apply.  You may get a table of the fees at the website :
  • two passport-sized photographs
  • photocopy of the personal details page of your passport
  • an original plus the photocopy of an employment certificate showing your income, period of employment, and your approved leave of absence
  • copy of recent personal banking statements  which show a history of your account and an original copy of the bank certificate verifying the current balance of your account
  • if you are a business owner, you must present the original and a photocopy of your business registration certificate,  recent bank statements, and a bank certificate verifying how much you have in your account.

Lodge your application with the Call Center or the VIA at least two weeks prior to travel. To make an appointment and to lodge your visa application, you can have the courier pick up your documents through the following numbers:

1909-3622779 (PLDT/Smart/Touchcard subscribers)

1900-3622779 (Globe/Innove/Touch mobile subscribers)

1903-3622779 (BayanTel subscribers)

These can only be made from phones with NDD access.  If calling from outside Metro Manila, please use a PLDT operator assisted call.  You will be billed at 32php per minute plus VAT.  If calling from Australia, you may reach them at 63-2-8459211.  This will be billed at a flat rate of AUD 10, and only credit card payment is valid.

Their operating hours are from Monday through Friday from 6am to 8pm, and Saturdays from 8am to 6pm.

The Visa Information and Application Center, on the other hand, is available to accept visa applications for a small processing fee.  Mailed visa applications will not be accepted at these offices.  There are two VIAs in the following locations:

Metro Manila

Unit 901, 9/F One Corporate Plaza
845 Antonio Arnaiz Ave, Makati City

Metro Cebu

Unit 1004-B, 10/F Keppel Center
Samar Loop cor Cardinal Rosales Ave,
Cebu Business Park, Cebu City

Operating hours are 8:30am to 4:00pm, Monday through Friday for lodging applications, 8:30am to 5:00pm for general information, and 8:00am to 11:30am Saturday for lodging applications and general information.  They are closed on Philippine public holidays.

Please note that although the Embassy may accept mailed applications through a migration agent, they do not encourage this, as safe delivery is not assured.

Additional Requirements for a Tourist Visa

If you are 70 years of age or older, you are required to provide a medical certificate showing that you have undergone a medical examination with one of the approved doctors.  There is a list of accredited doctors which you may download from the website at the bottom of this page.

You must also be able to submit proof that your health insurance coverage will cover you even when traveling to Australia.

If you are 11 years or older, and expect to stay in Australia for more than 3 months, you are also required to present a chest x-ray from one of the approved doctors as well.

Applicants under the age of 18 are required to submit an original plus a photocopy of NSO certified birth certificate.  Full details of the trip are also necessary, including the name of the person traveling with the child and the name of the party he will be staying with in Australia.

If your son or daughter is not being accompanied by either one of you, an original plus a photocopy of a DSWD clearance should be submitted.  If only one parent is traveling with the child, an original plus a photocopy of the written consent is required.  Two copies of an ID plus signature is also required for the parent not traveling with the child.  Should there be custody issues with the child, further documentation may be required from the parents.

If a relative is sponsoring your stay in Australia

You may have a relative living in Australia, and they may wish to sponsor your stay in the country.  If this is the case, you may apply for a Sponsored Family Visitor visa. To do this, you should complete and sign form 48S, and send all documents to your relative in Australia.  Your relative then should complete form 1149 and lodge it together with form 48S, and submit it in one of the DIAC and territory offices.

Your relative may be required to submit a letter of invitation and present proof that they can support your stay whilst in Australia.

What to Expect

Once the completed application is received, the Embassy will now make a decision based on the criteria and requirements of the visa.  Should your requirements be incomplete, they shall finalize the decision after they have received the complete set.  If your application will take more than 7 days to process, you will be notified of the delay.

If you are granted a visa, your passport will then have a visa label.

If you are not granted a visa, the reasons for such will be stated and you will be advised of review rights.  Your passport will be returned to you via courier.  If you submitted your passport and documents through VIA, you may arrange to pick them up from there as well.  All original documents will be returned to you as well.

Business Visa

Business (Short Stay) Visa (subclass 456)

This type of visa is available for business purposes, where no employer sponsorship is required.  This is for a short visit to Australia, up to three months of stay, where business activities may be defined as attending conferences, negotiations, or on exploratory business visit.

You may be allowed to engage in work but only if it is highly specialized and will not be ongoing.  You may enter Australia multiple times while the visa is valid, stay in Australia for three months on each entry, and bring a dependent or your partner to Australia as well.

There is a charge of AUD 105 for this type of visa.

Temporary Business (Long Stay) – Standard Business Sponsorship (Subclass 457)

This is a type of employer-sponsored visa, wherein the employer shall sponsor the employee to work in Australia on a temporary basis.  Employers can be either overseas businesses or Australian employers as well.

The validity of this visa is from one day to four years of stay in Australia.  They can bring eligible secondary applicants who may also work and study while in the country.  They have no limit on the number of times they can travel to and from Australia.

There is a AUD 265 visa application charge, AUD 70 nomination charge, and a AUD 350 sponsorship charge for this type of visa.

Where to find help

There is a call center to answer inquiries and may be reached at 63-2-8459200.  This is toll free if you are calling from Metro Manila, but charges may apply if you are calling outside of the metro.

For further information regarding the types of visa, fees, requirements and frequently asked questions, you may access the Australian Embassy website:

You may also check the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website of the Australian Government at:

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